Microsoft Mesh Introduces A New Holographic Technology For The Future

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Are you ready for the future of communication? Microsoft recently unveiled their new technology which they call Microsoft Mesh. It is a mixed reality collaborative platform that was introduced during their recent Ignite keynote. Does that sound like gibberish to you? Essentially, the technology allows multiple individuals on different devices to interact with virtual or hologram objects. This can be done for conferences, exhibitions, teaching, and so on. It’s like we’re teleporting to those futuristic holographic meetings we see in movies!

Introducing Microsoft Mesh

This technology will enable teams that are located globally to have more collaborative meetings. Additionally, they can conduct virtual design sessions, assist others, learn together, and host virtual meetups.

Imagine this, architects and engineers physically walking through a holographic factory floor. This way they can see how all the pieces of equipment can fit together in 3D. Or maybe engineering students can learn about electric car engines and remove parts of the holographic model. Better yet, medical students who can gather around a 3D body to learn anatomy.

Take it a step further and soon we might even be going to the circus in 3D!

Microsoft Mesh introduces holographic technology
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With this new space, users can participate via Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 headset, VR gear, computers, and even mobile devices. The company’s renown Azure cloud computing platform will be powering the new Microsoft Mesh. This will help to ensure a swift and seamless experience. Especially considering the power that is needed to generate multiple and varying 3D resources and avatars.

Avatars? That’s right! Microsoft Mesh lets you represent yourself through a customisable 3D character. Moreover, you can create it with AltSpaceVR social network, at least for now. Eventually, there will be support for holoportation avatars for HoloLens 2 users. This means they can appear as themselves during a session.

Microsoft Mesh will teleport you in AR and VR
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Microsoft Mesh is the result of years of Microsoft research and development in key areas. These include hand and eye tracking as well as HoloLens development to create persistent holograms. As a result, users can express themselves through holograms and expressive avatars.

As you can see, this technology aims to bring people together for more than just a conversation. It’s also about learning, collaborating, and growing. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon be having our very own Tony Stark moments.