MCO vs. CMCO: 9 Ways Things Are Different Now & Then


We’re currently under a CMCO now, or a Conditional Movement Control Order. In other words, it’s a kind of relaxed MCO. Many businesses across various sectors are now operating, and restrictions are loosened just a little bit. But what exactly is different? Find out what the MCO vs. CMCO is below!

1) You Can Actually Be Outside

During the MCO, when were you actually outside? Probably during grocery runs, or queues to get food or other supplies. Even exercising was a big no-no back then! But now under the CMCO, you can go jogging, and even play golf! Swimming is still not allowed, as are other close contact sports. If you do head outdoors for a good exercise session, do make sure you maintain a distance from others!

Jogging outdoors

2) You Can Gather With Your Friends

Or family members, whichever. One of the latest regulations of the CMCO is that you can gather, provided that the gathering is less than 20 people. So think about it! If you’ve really missed your friends, you can now have a couple of them come over, and have a good hangout sesh! It’s not your mamak session, but it’s definitely something. Order some food, and have a good time swapping stories or just enjoying your favourite shows. The gang’s back!

Friends hanging out at home

3) You Adapt To A New Lifestyle

When the MCO was first announced, things got ugly. A lot of us, unused to so much restriction and isolation, were straining at the leash to go out, and spewed numerous complains. As time passed, everyone got used to it, more or less. Now, with the CMCO, many of us are heading back into the workforce, albeit with different rules. The MCO was a transition, and this is yet another. We believe that the MCO has changed our lives – you might have had new realisations or learnt new lessons – and now the CMCO is about integrating pre-MCO days with the new norms. Perhaps it’s shorter working hours, perhaps it’s a shift of priorities… one thing’s for sure, moving forward, it won’t be the same anymore.

New chapter in life

4) You Can Go On A “Road Trip”

Remember back during the MCO when only one person was allowed in a vehicle? Well, now 4 people at a time are allowed in a private car, provided that the four live in the same house! So good news for families of four or less: you can’t travel interstate unless you apply, but at least you can head out for a drive and pretend you’re going on a road trip! Improvisation and family bonding at its best!

Family road trip

5) You Can Get Your Car Washed

Yeah, not “you can wash your car”. Car washes are now in operations again, and you can send your vehicle for a wash! Of course, there are standard operating procedures you have to follow, but you’re helping these car washes get back on their feet, and saving yourself all the hard work of washing a car.

Car wash

6) You Can Hang Out In The Malls

By now, you probably already know that malls have resumed operations with most shops open. However, not all shops will be operating the standard 10-10 time, and there are also certain procedures to follow when “physically” shopping. You’re not allowed to try clothes on, but you can try on shoes. Plenty of shops are offering promotions at the moment, and if you plan on going to malls, make sure you practice social distancing, maintain proper hand hygiene, and follow safety instructions.

Shopping mall

7) You Can Get Hardware Goods

Whether it’s for home maintenance or other miscellaneous tools items you require for your business operations, hardware shops are now open and ready to cater! From pipes, fertiliser, lightbulbs, paint, storage boxes, nails, drills and so many more, hardware shops opened just in time to ensure life goes on.


8) You Can Repair Your Technology Gadgets

Probably one of the worst things that could have happened during the MCO is that if you encountered a gadget malfunction. During the MCO, we relied extremely heavily on technology and gadgets, whether for business or leisure. We can’t imagine how disruptive it would have been if we experienced it! Thankfully, service centres and operations dealing with gadget repairs are now open for business. However, some do require appointments, so make sure you contact them beforehand to learn their protocol, if any.

IT gadgets

9) You Can Dine In

Maybe this isn’t news to you, but it’s definitely worth a mention. Sometimes, despite all the DIY-kits allowing you to fix meals up at home, it just isn’t the same as eating in at the premises. Cue all the K-BBQ and hotpot fans, who have been waiting for weeks on end to get a taste of their favourite meals. Well, the wait is over, but we still strongly recommend caution to all whenever heading out!


The CMCO is only so thanks to the compliance of all Malaysians, who stayed home and helped flatten the curve. However, if cases rise again and things go south, we may once again face a MCO like before. As such, always practice good hygiene and maintain a distance from each other. It’s good we have this small amount of freedom, but don’t forget to wear face masks when you’re out! You may also like to check out 9 Ways The MCO Has Changed Our Lives!