Malaysia’s First Ever Female Team To Explore The Antarctic Is Returning!

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When we think of the Arctic and Antarctic, most of us probably think of it just being super cold with lots of snow and ice. However, these two places boast of beautiful scenery, a variety of creatures, and lots to explore. In the Antarctic, there are also lots of mountains which can reach up to 16,000 feet in height. On a journey to explore the Antarctic is Malaysia’s first ever female team!

Malaysia's first ever female team to explore the Antarctic
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In the team is pharmacist Nurul Atiqah Tamarun, 31; Army Corporal Siti Jumaidah Bensali, 34, and Home Ministry administrative and diplomatic officer, Salehah Abu Nor, 33. Leading the team is Dr Sharifah Mazlina.

In fact, Dr Sharifah is known as the first Asian woman to explore both the North and South pole! She first made a solo trip to Antarctica in 2004 where she ski-sailed for more than 1,000km. It was also during this trip that she planted a time capsule.

A polar bear in the Arctic
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Just three years later, Dr Sharifah made a trip to explore the Arctic on foot this time. The journey can be very challenging with icy cold temperatures. However, it is actually the Antarctic that is known as the coldest place on earth.

Temperatures in the Antarctic can drop to -97°C which is made worse by the winds that blow up to 200km/h.

Malaysia's first ever female team to explore the Antarctic preparing
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Moving on, Dr Sharifah hand-picked the team to become Malaysia’s first ever female team to the Antarctic. Knowing that the team will be challenged, they have been preparing and training since 2017.

The purpose of the mission is to retrieve the time capsule that was first planted by Dr Sharifah. Malaysia’s first ever female team to explore the Antarctic is set to return anytime soon. The journey was set to be a month-long with it ending in the first week of January 2020.