Malaysian Artist Sharon Chin Is Raising Covid-19 Funds With Her Artwork

Image credit: and Sharon Chin

As the fight against Covid-19 continues, there are many organisations raising funds for hard hit areas. Currently, Sabah is faring a lot worse than other states in Malaysia and require more assistance. Therefore, a lot of Covid-19 funds are focused on helping to provide aid in Sabah. Wanting to further encourage donations, Malaysian artist Sharon Chin is also raising funds in exchange for her very own handmade bandanas.

Malaysian Artist Sharon Chin

malaysian artist sharon chin
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Sharon Chin is a local artist who is working on her own small-scale online initiative on her Facebook page. Titled ‘Ma (Hang) In There, Sabah!’ she offers hand crafted bandanas that feature her original Mahang tree design. The Mahang tree is a pretty common tree here in Malaysia and various Southeast Asian countries.

Her reasoning for using bandanas is because they are a multipurpose art medium. By this she refers to the buyers ability to wear or display it. Additionally, it is something small and easy which can help reduce unnecessary clutter. Furthermore, it helps the person to express themselves in their own personal way.

You are probably wondering how this Malaysian artist can raise funds with her bandanas. Firstly, each bandanas is offered for a minimum donation of RM50 which actually goes to Borneo Komrad. Interested buyers will need to make a direct donation to the Maybank account provided and input Mahang as the reference.

Next, take a screenshot of the transfer and fill in this form with the picture attached. Sharon Chin will then mail the bandana out within 2 weeks with no postage fee. However, delivery is only available within Malaysia.

handmade bandanas feature Mahang tree design
Image credit: Sharon Chin

For those interested in getting a bandana, you can choose from four different colours. These are light blue, medium blue, white, and red which reflect the colours of the Sabah flag. The printing of the Mahang tree design is by Studio Chincarok which is her very own studio. Each bandana is 50cm x 50cm in size.

Borneo Komrad

Malaysian social organisation Borneo Komrad
Image credit: Borneo Komrad

Set up in 2017, Borneo Komrad is a Sabah-based and student-led grassroots social organisation. With the pandemic hitting hard, they are now also providing Covid-19 aid to marginal communities. They are doing so by distributing essential supplies to communities across six districts. These districts are Tawau, Semporna, Kunak, Kinabatangan, Sandakan, and Kota Kinabalu.

Other than that, the organisation also runs Sekolah Alternatif which are alternative schools for undocumented as well as under-served children. These schools are set up in Tuaran, Tawau, as well as Semporna.