Making Life Easy – 8 Places To Subscribe To For Ready-To-Eat Meals

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Trying to eat 3 times a day isn’t easy especially if you are the one making the meals. It’s not just the cooking, it’s also the planning, grocery shopping, prepping, and repeating this process over and over again. As someone who has recently returned to the daily grind of the 9-6 job, I find that I don’t have the time nor the energy to plan and cook my meals every day. I’ve been packing lunch to work as well to save money and that has not been easy. I’ll have to either prepare the food the night before or I wake up earlier to get it ready.

All these made me remember seeing food getting delivered in tiffin carriers to my grandparents’ house when I was young. They would have food right at their doorstep without all the hassle and effort needed to cook their own meals. With that in mind, here are 8 places to get delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat meals delivered to you (mostly on a weekly basis) to make life easier.

Tip: Some places would deliver an entire week’s worth of food in one go while other places would deliver them daily. This is something you might want to consider and check before placing your order.

1. ding! by PichaEats

I first came across PichaEats for another article I did – Do A Good Deed – Give Back To Society When You Purchase From These Places! – where I learned that not only are they a food delivery service but they also sell frozen food. You can choose from frozen meals, frozen packets and frozen snacks. For frozen meals, they offer different packages depending on how many you want to order. I got the 6-meal package so that I could bring them to work as lunch. I am very much looking forward to tasting them as the food are inspired and cooked by people from the refugee community!

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2. Home Cooked Delivery 2 U

Home Cooked Delivery 2 U reminds me of the food delivery service that my grandparents used to get. At Home Cooked Delivery 2 U, you can choose from either weekly commitments or monthly commitments. You can find the menu for the following week’s meals posted on their Facebook page for you to decide if you would like to order. A look through the food they have served before suggests Malaysian Chinese flavours like the kind you would find at mixed rice shops. Their homecooked food have no MSG, less salt, and less oil making them a delicious and healthy meal you can eat without any worries. Do take note that they only deliver to certain areas in Klang Valley.

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3. The Naked Lunchbox

Passionate about serving delicious and healthy food in a sustainable manner, The Naked Lunchbox ensures that each meal is nutritionally designed by chefs and free from artificial additives, flavourings, and MSG! You can order their food through the usual food delivery services such as GrabFood, Foodpanda and Shopee Food. But if you are looking for a longer-term option, try their 5-day EAT CLEAN subscription plan that you can get for 1 pax or 2 pax. Within this plan, you can choose from vegetarian, protein or a mix of vegetarian and protein lunch boxes. Each plan is inclusive of 1 welcome juice & 1 welcome dessert as well.

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4. Food Delivery KL

Just looking at the pictures of their food is making me salivate. Operating out of Metro Prima Kepong since 2015, Food Delivery KL is a division of Restaurant Super Power’s food delivery and buffet catering company. Their dishes are prepared by their passionate chefs, and they are well-known around the neighbourhood as a fantastic option for their busy lives. Food Delivery KL is a great option for families as they offer monthly food packages (20 meals) that range from 1 pax to 5 pax. You can choose between lunch or dinner and from what I understand, rice is not included in the package unless you add them on.

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5. Clean Eats MY

Looking for healthy lunch delivery packages in Penang? Clean Eats MY got you covered! Subscribe to their 20-day lunch packages with food that is prepared on the same day before they are delivered to you between 11am to 1pm at your home or your office in Penang Island. There are 3 packages to choose from – normal, low carb or keto. What I appreciate most about them is that you can indicate what you are allergic to, and they will swap the ingredient to ensure an allergy-free meal for you.

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6. Wise Crafters

Offering Malaysia’s first and number 1 plant-based meal plans, Wise Crafters has 60+ all-natural meals you can choose from depending on your health goals. All of the meals are halal, peanut-free and contain no refined sugars. There are 4 meal plans to choose from – Keep Fit, Lose Weight, Flexible Healthy Eating and Low Calories Oatsome Bundle. The meal plans consist of 3 meals a day which will be delivered to you on a daily basis or a weekly basis depending on how many days you subscribe to. The Lose Weight meal plan is especially intriguing because they would personalise the meal plans according to your personal details and dietary information. Doesn’t this just make life so much easier?

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7. The Best Homefood Delivery

With The Best Home Food Delivery, you can choose from a wide choice of mouth-watering meals that are different and cooked fresh every day. Each day comes with a selection of 3 dishes that consists of seafood, meat, vegetables, eggs, tofu, etc. Operating since 2006 with 15 years of culinary experience, The Best Home Food Delivery delivers to most of Klang Valley, but you can check on their website if your place in within their coverage. Their monthly (20-day) dinner packages vary depending on how many pax you are ordering for. Again, rice is an optional add-on, and the food are delivered from 3pm to 7pm daily.

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Bonus: The Daily Chefs

A lot of the work and effort that is needed to cook something actually comes from shopping for the ingredients and prepping them before the actually cooking. The Daily Chefs solves this problem by delivering freshly cleaned, prepped, and portioned ingredients, along with step-by-step cooking instruction for you to prepare home-cooked meals easily! For those of you who would like to have more control over the food you are eating (e.g., how much salt goes in, level of doneness, etc.), The Daily Chefs is the place to go. Their menu is updated on a weekly basis, and you can choose from meal kits and one pot wonder that is suitable for 2 pax. They also have soup kits that can feed 2 to 3 pax. So convenient!

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