Looking For Vegan Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival? Here Are 9 Places To Find Them

Image credit: @suziyuan_origin & @everydaybakesmy

Can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by! Here we are again with Mid-Autumn Festival right around the corner. I, for one, am always very excited for this time of the year because my birthday month coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and also, mooncakes!

Can you imagine our shock when we found out recently that one of our writers does not eat mooncakes? I felt very sad that he is missing out on such a delicious delicacy. This incident got me thinking about other people who might not be able to enjoy mooncakes. Traditional mooncakes are usually not suitable for vegans because the pastry contains lard or egg yolk. This led me to search for vegan-friendly mooncakes in Malaysia and here are my findings:

1. Food & Boy

Look at how adorable these bunny jelly mooncakes are! Freshly made upon order by the people at home-based bakery Food & Boy, these jelly mooncakes are vegan friendly as they are made with soy milk. Appropriately named Cutie Box, share some cuteness with your friends and family this Mid-Autumn festival. The Cutie Box contains 6 jelly mooncakes – 2 x SoyMilk with Pandan Lotus, 2 x SoyMilk with Red Bean and 2 x SoyMilk with Black Sesame.

Image credit: @food_and_boy

2. Everyday Bakes

I’ve always loved jelly mooncakes because they are so easy to eat, and they make the perfect dessert in our hot weather. Well, the jelly mooncakes at Everydaybakesmy are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Made with 100% fresh fruits and ingredients, vegan and sugar free, a box of these refreshing and colourful jelly mooncakes will delight any receiver. The mooncakes come in 4 flavours – Pandan Gula Melaka, Dragonfruit Mango, Blue Pea Taro, Matcha Mango.

Image credit: @everydaybakesmy

3. Hi Floury’s Friends

Moving on to snowskin mooncakes, Hi Floury’s Friends has this set of gorgeous wagashi inspired vegan snowskin mooncakes. Wrapped with Japanese furoshiki style and in such pretty colours, their homemade snowskin mooncake is made from soy milk and handcrafted with natural colouring. A box of these consists of 6 mini mooncakes – matcha x 2, genmaicha x 2 and red bean x 2.

Image credit: @flourys_friends_bakery

4. Oh Cha Matcha

Handcrafted in small batches, matcha connoisseurs Oh Cha Matcha has released limited edition snowskin mooncakes for your guilt-free enjoyment. Made with their well-kept secret recipe and using only natural ingredients, the mooncakes are also sugar-free and dairy-free, making them vegan friendly too! There are 4 flavours available – Matcha Mung Bean, Hojicha Mung Bean, Genmaicha Mung Bean, and Gyokuro Mung Bean.

Image credit: @ohchamatcha.kl

5. Krypplant

Here is another snowskin mooncake option for you – at only RM10 per piece, Krypplant is offering homemade plant-based mooncake in boxes of 4, 6 or 8. FYI they are also halal! You can choose from 8 interesting flavours which are Matcha Snowskin with Red Bean Paste, Earl Grey Tea Snowskin with Earl Grey Lotus Paste, Sakura Snowskin with Gula Melaka Paste, Lychee Snowskin with Lotus Paste, Chocolate Snowskin with Gula Melaka Paste, Blue Pea Snowskin with Red Bean Paste, Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin with Sweet Potato Paste and Pumpkin Snowskin with Sweet Potato Paste.

Image credit: @krypplant

6. Yookybites

Now we move into the realm of the more traditional version of mooncakes, the baked mooncakes! First up is the no sugar added mooncake series by Yookybites. Not only are they vegan, but they are also using low GI and low calory sweetener to replace normal sugar. Suitable for all ages and dietary needs, a box of No Sugar Added Mooncake (Fusion Vegan Series) contains 4 mooncakes of the following flavours: Purple Sweet Potato Taro, Hazelnut Chocolate Lava, Pumpkin Golden Black Sesame and Adzuki Oatmilk.

Image credit: @yookybites

7. LynnCanBake

A homebaker who began their baking journey in 2019, LynnCanBake has come out with a vegan mooncake series this year that contains traditional baked mooncake, Gong Zai Peng (mooncake biscuit) and snowskin mooncake. Made fresh upon order, the vegan mooncake series is perfect for those looking for traditional flavours such as red bean paste, lotus paste and pandan paste. You can purchase them at Vegan District.

Image credit:@lynncanbake

8. Le Canevas Gift

Over at Le Canevas Gift, not only do you get vegan mooncakes, but they can also come packaged in personalised boxes to make the gift extra special. They have carefully selected 2 flavours that are guaranteed to be crowd favorites – red dates and red dates macadamia mixed nuts. They have another packaging available, more on the classier side that would make wonderful corporate gifts.

Image credit: @lecanevasgift

9. suziyuan

Last but definitely not least on the least, we have these delicious vegan mooncakes by suziyuan. Starting from the purchase of the ingredients, every step of the production process has been meticulous in order to produce the best mooncakes. Four flavours are available – red dates macadamia mixed nuts, red dates, white lotus and read bean. And if you purchase 4 mooncakes together, they will come together in a beautiful box. The mooncakes can be shipped all over Malaysia too!

Image credit: @suziyuan_origin

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