Lazada Is Now Connecting Cameron Farmers Directly To Consumers

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The other day I needed to go grocery shopping to stock up on essentials such as meat, eggs, and vegetables. Don’t worry, I was really quick about it and it’s not a regular occurrence. However, because everyone is a bit on edge with the restriction on movements, there were hardly any vegetables left. I’m sure some of us are facing this problem. Meanwhile, farmers in Cameron Highlands are facing an oversupply of vegetables. Thankfully, Lazada is stepping in to help connect Cameron farmers directly to us!

Happy Fresh
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After my shopping trip that left me empty handed in terms of vegetables, I decided to try online delivery. We all know the few and popular services that deliver such as Tesco, Mydin, and Happy Fresh.

Unfortunately, these platforms are facing a lot of orders and at the same time they are trying to minimise the risk for their drivers. This means less delivery slots, lower acceptance of orders, and some have stopped altogether. As a result I could not get any vegetables.

Cameron Farmers
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Until I stumbled upon a new section in Lazada called Cameron Farmers! While vegetables are considered essential, farmers in Cameron Highlands are finding difficulty in securing transport services. This has led to them dumping some of their produce.

However, when Lazada got to hear about this they got in contact with the farmers. After figuring out the tech and logistics, the e-commerce platform is now working with these farmers.

Cameron Farmers vegetables
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You can now purchase your vegetables from the Cameron farmers and have it delivered to your home. The vegetables are available in bundles that are good for stir-frying, salads, and making kimchi.

This is perfect because now you can stay at home while helping out the farmers.