Ladies, Meet Roland, King of the Hosts in Japan

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Ladies, what do you look for in a man? Impeccable style? Charm and quick wit? How about an attractive physique and handsome looks? And oh, how could we miss out on being a good listener? Now, you may be thinking that no man is so perfect, and we’re just having a laugh. Actually, you could enjoy the company of such a man, for a price of course, and no, you can’t keep him after that. Meet Roland, King of the Hosts in Japan!

First Things First, What Is A Host?

Basically, a (male) host is someone who provides fun and good company to women. Usually, the kind of fun we’re talking about here is not of the sexual kind, just good ol’ conversation and some flirting thrown in for good measure. Hosts work in specialised host clubs and have a very specific goal: to entertain their clients and encourage them to spend as much as possible on drinks. The more their clients spend, the more they earn, and the higher their rank gets. In other words, a host’s success and reputation relies solely on how much clients spend on him.

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And Who Is This Roland?

Roland is the best at the game, the crème de la crème of the host industry in Japan. With a mop of golden curls framing his fine facial features, Roland has hordes of Japanese female fans fawning over him. Take a look at him; you can’t deny that his appearance is indeed striking. Currently, 26-year-old Roland manages one of the hottest male clubs, Platina Club, and is the most successful host of Kabuchiko. Kabuchiko is the area of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood which has the densest population of host and hostess bars. Ever since he took over as manager at Platina, he has doubled the annual turnover. No wonder he can claim the title of “King of the Hosts”.

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Roland’s Story

Roland has been in the host industry since he was 18, after dropping out from a prestigious university a mere week from class commencement. Why, you ask? Roland simply decided that he did not want to live a corporate lifestyle, earning an average income till he retired. He knew he wanted something more, and that’s what prompted him to join the host industry. Having played football for most of his life, his athletic body definitely helped tick some boxes as a host, but he claimed he didn’t exactly have a smooth start either. However, despite not getting many clients at first, he persevered, and allowed himself to adjust to the industry. Now, he holds all the records for most money generated in a single day, per month and per year.

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Hosting & Achievements

As we all now know, the job of a host is actually simple – get women to spend money. Birthdays – the hosts’, not the women’s – are a big deal at these clubs, and women go all out to support their favourite host by buying liquor. Sometimes these figures reach millions of yen, but Roland is the only one to hit the 10 million yen ($90,850 or RM379,378 based on the current exchange rate) during his birthday in 2017. He also holds the record for managing to get patrons to spend the most money in a single month at 42 million yen ($381,557 or RM1,593,384).

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Well, Roland allegedly has the highest salary of all the Japanese male hosts, and no one can blame him for enjoying life. He drinks the finest liquor, drives several luxury cars, and wears only the finest clothes. Oh, and he’s also been living in hotels for the past few years now. That’s not because he can’t afford a house – far from it – but he claims that living in hotels suit his lifestyle better. Last but not least, it’s not all play and no work. To maintain his physique, Roland spends hours in a gym everyday. He’s also not shy about going under the knife regularly and touching up cosmetically. We suppose he has to keep himself looking good at all times. Say what you will about him, but he does seem to have it all, doesn’t he? And let’s also drop one of his most famous quotes:

There are two types of men in the world: me and the rest.