KTJ’s Designer Face Mask Successfully Raised RM16,000 For Charity

Image credit: thestar.com.my and khoonhooi.com

Exclusive designer wear going very hefty prices is not a new concept to us. We have big brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more charging large sums for simple products. In this case, people are paying for the brand name and status. However, sometimes designer wear can actually serve a greater purpose. The ladies over at Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) Malaysia have created a designer face mask for the purpose of raising money for charity.

KTJ’s Designer Face Mask For Charity

reusable face masks
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Of course at a time like this where we are all advised to wear face masks in public, functionality tends to trump fashion. Undoubtedly there are those with cloth masks made with patterned material which are also very attractive.

But this designer face mask from KTJ is really stunning and eye catching. KTJ is a social enterprise that works towards empowering fashion designers from the B40 group. In fact, most of them take this opportunity to make an income while working from home. KTJ firstly teaches them the necessary skills to create beautiful bespoke products for clients and more.

KTJ designer face mask raises RM16,000
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As part of an initiative by Alliance SocioBiz, one of the fashion designers from the B40 group stitched together the Glam Mask. Adorned with bedazzles, lace, glass stones, crystals, and more, the designer face mask is definitely one of a kind.

The mask was then auctioned and sold for a whopping RM16,000 which will go towards helping communities in need. KTJ is just two years old and currently has 50 tailors with more still joining. Moreover, they are hoping to expand the business model to other states.

designer face mask from Khoon Hooi
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Fancy A Designer Mask For Yourself?

Moving on, if you are interested in browsing through reusable designer face masks, you can also check out the work of Malaysian designer Khoon Hooi. On his website you will find beautiful washable masks.

These masks are upcycled from fabrics and motifs from the brand’s archives and feature dual-layer protection. Furthermore, there is a slip opening for a disposable filter as well as a built in nose clip.

The Batik Boutique face mask
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Lastly, The Batik Boutique is a homegrown brand now producing face masks made from traditional batik patterns. In fact, the reusable masks have two layers of 100% cotton fabric. There is also an opening for a PPE filter.

Additionally, each purchase will go to supporting communities in need across Malaysia. In fact, the brand has donated more than 1,000 face masks to low-income housing areas and refugees.