Kakak Kondom Is Here To Educate Everyone On Sexual Health And More

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It’s time to be honest with ourselves and admit that Malaysia is lacking on sexual education. In school we learn the basics such as sexual reproductive organs, hormones, and how contraception works. However, there is a lack of teaching on sexual intercourse and more. Meanwhile, most parents at home aren’t willing to have ‘the talk’ with their children. We tend to ignore discussing sexual health and sweep it under the carpet which can lead to a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Now Kakak Kondom is here to educate everyone on sexual health and more!

Kakak Kondom and Adik Kondom
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Azryn Azhari Arshad, also known as Kakak Kondom, and Najwa A’liah Fairuz who takes the role of Adik Kondom are running an online series titled Kakak Kondom. The duo are on a mission to educate the youth about sexual health and more. This includes debunking myths about condoms and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Both of them aim to make sexual health an approachable subject and empower people to make safe decisions. Azryn received her nickname from giving talks at universities. Students began referring to her as Kakak Kondom because she would give out free condoms.

KAKAK KONDOM – Malaysian AIDS Foundation
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Moreover, the show can help inform viewers on the information missing from our textbooks. Our education system lacks a comprehensive sex education syllabus and many teachers never bring it up. There is more to sexual health than just knowing the names of organs and the different types of contraceptions.

Kakak Kondom has two videos up on the Malaysia AIDS Foundation’s YouTube Channel. The pilot episode features the duo debunking three common myths surrounding condoms. In the episode we can see them testing the durability of the condom, proving that baby oil does not work, and busting the myth on doubling up.

Sex education in Malaysia
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Unfortunately, the two have been receiving some negative comments on the videos as many Malaysians are not ready to have the conversation. However, we believe that being fully educated on sexual health is important in making safe decisions that work best for you.