Insurance Discounts For Great Drivers Beginning January 2020

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Sometimes we see drivers on the road and you wonder how they got their license. Then maybe you might think to yourself “luckily I don’t drive like that.” Well now there’s a way to really reap the rewards of being a good driver. That’s because starting from January next year, drivers that don’t get traffic summons will enjoy vehicle insurance discounts!

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Our Transport Minister Anthony Loke recently made the announcement on this new move. Beginning from next year, drivers that abide the law will receive discounts on their annual vehicle insurance premium renewals.

The process of updating and sharing information of Malaysian drivers is almost complete. The information is being uploaded to the databases of Mysikap by the Road Transport Department and the Royal Malaysia Police.

In fact, all mechanisms needed to provide the insurance discounts are in the final preparation stage. Hopefully, there will be an announcement by the end of the year to officially explain the system.

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However, what we do know is that this new system is a way to reward drivers who avoid traffic tickets or violations for the whole year. Furthermore, it is the hope of Anthony Loke that it provides motivation to follow road rules.

It is also a great way in helping to reduce the cost of living as insurance discounts will help save some money. Yeap, road insurance can get pricey.

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Also, it would be a benefit to insurance companies too because less accidents means less insurance claims. Therefore, instead of needing to pay out claims insurance companies can offer more rebates.

It seems that drivers will be able to receive insurance discounts on their premiums and pay less or receive an additional discount for their no claim bonus.