Indulge At The New Starbucks Reserve Opening Soon In Gurney Plaza

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Many of us know Starbucks for their delicious handcrafted beverages, especially the seasonal drinks. In fact, thinking of Starbucks will give you a more atas vibe thanks to the environment they set. However, did you know it can get even fancier? Yup! Check out the new Starbucks Reserve which will be opening soon in Gurney Plaza.

Starbucks Penang
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Penang seems to be a very popular state for Starbucks to open up stores. In fact, they just recently introduced their new signing store. It appears to be that everyone in Penang must really love their daily cup of coffee.

Which is why the new Starbucks Reserve will be opening in Gurney Plaza, Penang. No official date has been announced regarding the opening of the store. However, word on the street is that it will be sometime in December. So fingers crossed!

For anyone who isn’t so sure on what Starbucks Reserve is, let me break it down really quickly for you.

Starbucks reserve
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Firstly, stepping into the store is a different experience from your ordinary Starbucks down the road.

Starbucks Reserve is the brands way of elevating the coffee experience. Here you will find a selection of the rarest and most extraordinary coffees. You will surely find something to delight your tastebuds.

It is also an outlet that focuses more on experimenting with coffee processes such as brewing, aging, infusing, and blending. Here, you will find surprising and imaginative creations.

Starbucks Reserve
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This is surely the place for any coffee enthusiast who also wants to explore more. Besides just having the opportunity to try new drinks, you can also purchase their beans. In store you will find a wide selection of beans from all over the world.

You can then experiment on your own!

Starbucks Reserve Gurney Plaza
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Make sure to keep your eyes open for the official opening