Hurrah! Touch n’ Go 10% Surcharge At Parking Lots Will Soon Be Gone!

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Using your Touch n’ Go to pay for your parking can be very convenient. You don’t need to keep track of your ticket or line up to pay. Plus you get the benefit of not having to fish around for loose change. However, that Touch n’ Go 10% surcharge can sometimes be enough to deter us from using it.

Touch n go 10% surcharge
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Thankfully for us, that Touch n’ Go 10% surcharge will soon be gone!

As of now, the surcharge is only applicable to parking lots that offer dual payment systems which is your typical ticket. The reason that there is even a 10% surcharge on Touch n’ Go users is due to a contractual obligation from the previous government.

However, our current government recognises the need to abolish the Touch n’ Go 10% surcharge. Therefore, it will slowly be removed in stages from parking lots with existing contracts.

Touch n go payment
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Meanwhile, any new or renewed contracts will reflect the new rule of not imposing the surcharge. This is great news for us but keep in mind that it won’t be happening right away. So the next time you pay with Touch n’ Go don’t be surprised if you still get charged with that 10% surcharge. Just hold on to the joy of knowing it will soon be gone.

Not only does using Touch n’ Go provide convenience for users but also for parking lots. No longer will they need to buy a ton of parking tickets and maintain their autopay machines. It’s also great for the environment by putting a stop to paper wastage.

 Deputy Minister Chong Chieng Jen
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Moving on, Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Chong Chieng Jen has also touched on the surcharge imposed when a customer tops up the balance in their card.

There are currently 2,880 locations out of 11,168 which offer to reload your card without the surcharge. This includes Touch n’ Go kiosks, Watsons, KK Mart, Giant, Tesco, and Guardian.

It is great to see Touch n’ Go make some changes that benefit their customers. While there might still be some problems, it’s good to focus on the positives. However, don’t forget that Touch n’ Go isn’t the only e-wallet platform out there.