How long you would need to save to buy a property in each state of Malaysia

Out of curiosity, TallyPress Team decided to find out how many years people living in each state of Malaysia would need to work to have enough savings before they can own a property. For the purpose of this study, we are using the all-house-price and the mean monthly household income (before tax) of each state as representation.

To make it as realistic as possible, we are also assuming each household sets aside 1/3 of its income for property. Please keep in mind that this is a hypothetical situation and the data used are the latest & closest data found available, at best effort.

kualalumpur-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty selangor-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyapropertyjohor-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty pulaupinang-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyapropertynegerisembilan-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty perak-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyapropertymelaka-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty kedah-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyapropertypahang-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty terengganu-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty kelantan-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyapropertyperlis-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty sabah-howlongyouwouldneedtosavetobuyaproperty property

In a snapshot, here’s how long you would need to save to buy a property in each state of Malaysia. What’s your view? Share with us.



Data Source:
– National Property Information Centre JPPH
– Department of Statistics Malaysia