How Adopting A Dog During The Pandemic Saved My Sanity

Those who have pets (not just dogs) would know the healing power of having an animal in our lives. Although it is a lot of responsibility to take care of one, the rewards we reap more than makes up for it. Any pets — whether dog, cat, hamster, fish — that you love and care for would definitely impact your life. For me, it’s a dog and a very cute one at that.

The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend rings true. There is no one who is more sad when you leave or more happy when they see you than your dog. So, here is my story of how adopting this cute little pupper saved my sanity and helped me endure the Covid-19 pandemic that is still ongoing.

The Beginning

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It really started with my younger sister who decided that we are finally adult enough to have a pet, specifically a dog. Both of us have always loved animals and I personally have had hamsters as pets on and off throughout the years. Actually, when we adopted Blossom – yes, that’s her name and she’s a schnauzer – I had a pair of hamsters (Baby and Pie) with me.

We adopted Blossom from our eldest sister. It wasn’t easy for her and her husband to let her go as Blossom was her companion and part of the family for the past 6 years. But she also has two kids at home which meant a lot of work and responsibility, so she gave us the permission to adopt Blossom. She arrived at our home in August 2020 – with us not even knowing that the pandemic will still go on for the months to come.

While it was a big decision to make, it was definitely one of the best ones! I, for one, am so glad to have Blossom in my life and she has been the sunshine during the dark, dreary days of the pandemic.

The Trials and Tribulations

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Even though I had experience with taking care of pets and I was well-versed with the responsibilities that having a pet entail, it was still our first time having a dog as a pet. They are significantly bigger than hamsters and a lot more work! We also had to do some basic training for her to get used to our house.

Thankfully, she adapted very quickly and in no time, it was like her own home too. For us, we started to learn about her quirks, her personality and we also learned how naughty she can be. Some days are indeed a trial – she has managed to topple over the dustbin many a times, digging through and devouring anything she can get her fluffy mouth on. When we think we managed to dog-proof the house from her antics, she would eventually figure a way out to get what she wants.

One time, we bought donuts which we wanted to keep for dessert but alas, we only had to turn away for a second for her to leap up and pull down the entire box to which she ate all six donuts in a matter of seconds. Another time, she ate the entire box of pizza before we even got to it. She also likes to eat tissue for reasons that escape me, and she will sit and stare at you with her big brown eyes whenever we are eating. The only good thing from this is that she doesn’t have a taste preference for what she eats, so she’s more than happy to chow down on medicine without complaining. She thinks they’re just treats!

How can you not be cheered up when you have this silly pup in your life? As exasperating as some of the more difficult moments have been, I will not have it any other way.  

The Joys and Comfort

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Some of the things a lot of us suffered from during the pandemic was probably the loneliness and disconnection we felt as we couldn’t be near people or be out and about. As an introvert myself, I didn’t mind the social distancing we had to do but I did struggle with how I was confined to the four walls of my house. I was lucky to be living with my sister, so I was not completely alone but it sucked that I could not go out into the nature, that I couldn’t travel and experience different sceneries or try new food. It was these things that bothered me the most.

At times, it felt suffocating, and it was tiring to wake up to the same day over and over again. I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say that I looked forward the most to the time I get to do my grocery shopping – especially when the lockdown was as its worst. But ever since Blossom entered our household, even on days that are mundane and boring, just looking at her makes me smile. It also helps that I need to take her out on walks (when it was permissible), so I literally got my dose of sunshine too.

There is no better companion or friend that I can ask for – especially during this pandemic with all the uncertainties and bad news that we hear daily. She is definitely the reason I have managed to keep my sanity and mental health in check.

How About You?

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The benefits of having a pet are many but of course, it is not an easy decision to make. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before making this commitment – do you have the time, space, finances, and energy for a pet? Well, if you answered yes to all the questions and you are looking to adopt, here are a few places to look for your perfect companion. Puppies, senior dogs, kittens and cats are all up for adoption!

  1. Mypetshaven
  2. Ruff Love Malaysia
  3. The Pawserby
  4. Secondlife4strays
  5. Mutts Up, Dawg?
  6. DP Strays Rescue

Honestly, these are just some of the many people out there who love animals and are doing their best to help as many animals as they can. Maybe it’s not the right time to have a pet in your life now but you can still support these organisations by donating your time or money or buying their products to keep their effort going. You can also consider doing foster care if you really love animals and want them to be a part of your life!