Hello Kitty Carrier Sold Out In McDonald’s Singapore On The First Day!

Image credit: straitstimes.com and cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com

Singaporeans were sent into a frenzy when McDonald’s announced that they would be selling a Hello Kitty carrier. The merchandise is meant to hold your delicious meals while also being a cute accessory. It was so popular that within the first day of launching, it was completely sold out!

Hello Kitty Carrier McDonalds

Hello Kitty carrier
Image credit: businessinsider.sg

The new and cute Hello Kitty carrier made its global debut in Singapore as its first base. Customers could get their hands on it with the purchase of an extra value meal or doubles. All they needed to do was add on an extra S$7.90 to buy the carrier.

Moving on, the carriers were so sought after that people started to line up hours before its launch. In fact, the launch of the merchandise was set to be released at 7am which is already kind of early. Yet there were people sitting outside and lining up from as early as 4am! That’s some real dedication for the cute food holder.

Selling Out in Singapore

However, they were also limited to just two carriers per transaction. But some Singaporeans even went as far as to line up multiple times! They spent hours and hours lining up to get their hands on more carriers.

Lining up at McDonalds
Image credit: straitstimes.com

One guy even lined up for FIVE hours just so he could get eight of the cute carriers for his sister. At least we know he’s a good and dedicated brother. Still so crazy though!

Thanks to all the Singaporeans who dedicated their time to line up, the Hello Kitty carriers sold out on the first day. It was launched at 7am and sold out by 9pm that day. And already we see it being sold on Carousell for up to S$50.

Will Malaysians Get It Too?

Hello Kitty Carrier
Image credit: businessinsider.sg

Don’t worry if you also want to get your hands on this cute food holder. While no official date has been announced, we should be expecting it here in Malaysia as well. After all, it’s a global line of merchandise.

Knowing us Malaysians, you might have to line up super early as well if you want one. Who can resist such a cute accessory for your food. It has a cup holder as well as a space for your burger and fries.