Hawker Chan Officially Brings Michelin Star Chicken Rice To Kuala Lumpur

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We Malaysians love to eat good food and that is an actual fact. Sometimes we even go on road trips to search for delicious food in other states. Now we don’t need to go too far because Hawker Chan is officially opened in Kuala Lumpur!

Hawker Chan Singapore
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Hawker Chan is a very popular hawker stall in Singapore known for their amazing chicken rice. In fact, their chicken rice is so good that it has been awarded with a Michelin Star!

It is also known as the cheapest Michelin Star meal in the whole world at just S$2 to S$3.

Wanting to also return back to his roots, owner and chef of the famous soya sauce chicken stall opened Hawker Chan in Ipoh. Yup, Chef Chan Hon Meng is originally from Ipoh before he moved to Singapore.

Hawker Chan Ipoh
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Hawker Chan opened their doors to the public of Ipoh in February this year. You can find it along Jalan Theatre and successfully sold out on the first day. They sell more than 90 chickens a day.

Wanting to spread his wings and bring his delicious soya sauce chicken rice elsewhere, he set his sights on Kuala Lumpur. And on the 18th of December, Chef Chan opened his second Malaysian outlet in Petaling Street.

Hawker Chan
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That’s right! Those in Kuala Lumpur don’t have to travel so far now for a plate of this delicious chicken rice. Each plate will cost you about RM8.80 and you will get garlic rice, beans, and his specialty soy sauce chicken.

His chicken is different from the regular roasted and steamed chicken you will find elsewhere. This is because his comes with a soy sauce-glazed skin. You can also opt for char siew, siu yuk, pork ribs, taugeh, vegetables, and Thai style tofu!