A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Diamond

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Searching for the perfect rock to adorn your sweetheart’s finger? Perhaps it’s for pure adornment purposes or something more romantic. Hey, maybe it’s even a personal investment for yourself, rather than for someone else. Whatever your reasons are, here are some tips on choosing a diamond.

1) Set A Budget

Naturally, this would be the first step when planning to purchase anything, but with something like a diamond – it’s going to require a lot more thought. Once you have set a budget for the item, it will help you to narrow down what you plan to buy, and filter out anything that goes beyond the budget.

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2) Check Out Celebrities

Just like how many brides wanted their own version of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, it’s quite normal to look to celebrities for diamond inspiration. There are many resources out there dedicated to zoomed in shots of starlet’s fingers or ears, which may seem a tad creepy at first, but is actually a good way to get inspired for your own diamond selection.

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3) Read Up on Conflict Free Diamonds

While it’s nice to own a diamond, it’s even better when you know nobody had to suffer to get you a pretty necklace or ring. Ethical practices are increasingly important when it comes to diamonds, as awareness about diamonds being mined via child labour or in harmful environments has grown. Check out online resources to find out more about how to avoid unethical diamonds.

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4) Scope Out Jewellers

A quick visit to any shop will reveal that there are many jewellery stores here in Malaysia selling diamonds. You may even see advertisements for diamonds prior to watching a movie at the cinema.  Clearly, the market for diamonds is alive and kicking. Some jewellery stores you can consider include DeGem, Audreys, Malabar, Habib Jewels or Poh Kong, among others. Visit a few, and ask questions to get a feel of which has what you’re looking for.

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5) Cut to the Chase

There are four Cs when it comes to diamond selection, and we’ll touch on each, starting with the Cut. It should be noted that this is not the same as shape, though there is often confusion about this. Shapes are princess, oval, emerald and the like. Cut however, refers to a diamond’s “reflective quality”. Speak to your jeweller to find the best and most brilliant one within your budget.

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6) Colour Your World

Where diamonds are concerned, the less colour the better, although your mileage may vary based on your personal preference. For those concerned with opulence, it’s good to know that diamond colours are measured on a special scale which ranges from D to Z. Those on the D scale are relatively colourless, whilst those nearer towards Z have a tinge of yellow.

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7) Make Sure Everything’s Crystal Clear  

Clarity is another factor, though some argue it isn’t as important as the two above. This refers to the imperfections of a diamond – the less, the better. There’s also a chart to determine how flawless a diamond is, which you can find online. Note that if a diamond isn’t classified as flawless, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically terrible. In fact, some imperfections can’t even be seen by the naked eye.

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8) Weigh The Carats 

Finally, we move into heavier territory. Quite literally too, because final four of the Cs refers to the carat weight of a diamond. The larger the carat, the rarer the diamond. This also means it will be more expensive, of course. Like the other categories, there are also diamond carat charts available to peruse.

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