Green Tech Malaysia Is Holding A Competition For A New Logo

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Last year when the government unveiled the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, they received a lot of unhappy feedback. The solution then was to open a design competition to the public so they could submit their own designs. Now, the government is once again holding a competition but this time it’s for Green Tech Malaysia.

Green Tech Malaysia

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In case you didn’t know, Green Tech Malaysia is a government agency championing Green Technology. It runs under the purview of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC).

They were first launched in 2009 as a significant step in embracing Green Technology through the National Green Technology Policy (NGTP). Green Technology is identified as a key driver in accelerating the country’s economy.

Green Tech Malaysia’s role is to introduce various programmes and incentives. This is all done as a way to advocate the use of Green Technology in key economic sectors.

Competition Details

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Moving on, they have gone under a little bit of rebranding and changed their name. It is now known as the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre. As part of their new name, they’re also looking for a new logo.

The competition requires participants to design a new logo, acronym, as well as a rationale behind the designs. In fact, the rationale must identify with the Centre’s image. When designing, consider the role of the Centre.

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They are also acting as a hub for climate change data and policy analysis. Moving on, they also work on reporting and monitoring of mitigation actions as well as climate change adaptation on a national level.

You could also look at their vision and mission statement for some influences and ideas. It is “To become the leading organisation in spearheading green technology for growth and sustainability.”

Lastly, the idea behind this logo design contest is based on three different goals. These are 1) the sustainability of the economic growth, 2) a resilient environment, and 3) the well-being of society.

How To Participate

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The competition is free to participate in and open to all Malaysians aged 21 and above. You can also increase chances because it is acceptable to submit more than one entry. All design work must be original or else it will be disqualified.

In order to participate, simply download the entry form and start designing. Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations as well. Submissions must be in both hard and soft copy and submitted through postal, hand delivery, or email.

There are also cash prizes up for grabs so even if you aren’t a designer, just try your best! Who knows, maybe your design will be the new logo of Green Tech Malaysia.