Food Lore Is The Latest HBO Food Series That You NEED To Watch!

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As Malaysians, we really really love our food and there’s a good reason why. How can anyone resist all the delicious food you can find not just in Malaysia but the whole of Asia. This is exactly why HBO is producing Food Lore, a drama series that revolves around FOOD!

Asian Food
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We are fortunate enough that food in Asia revolves around more than just the taste. Don’t get me wrong, the taste is a very important factor. But we also have customs, traditions, and special occasions that make food more special.

Food Lore is a new drama series on HBO that explores not just food but also the stories behind a dish. In fact, there is a total of eight different stories that take place around Asia.

Food Lore HBO
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This includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Moreover, each episode is not only filmed in its origin country but also directed by someone from their country.

Moving on, viewers will be given an insight to the characters journey and their relationships involving food. The series first aired on the 3rd of November with the story that is set in the Philippines.

Wilson Tin and Fabian Loo
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The episode that we are most interested in is of course the Malaysian one! It will air on the 22nd of December and features Ho Yuhang in the directors seat. Furthermore, we will get to see Wilson Tin and Fabian Loo on screen.

We’re not going to give any spoilers but it involves a bad tempered cook and an ambitious salesperson who form an unlikely friendship.

Food Lore is available on Astro Channel 411 or 431 for the HD version and also available for streaming on HBO GO.