First Female To Become KL Deputy Police Chief Is Making History

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In a time of progression and equality we are seeing a lot of women rise up to positions of power. Even though there are a lot of men still dominating the workplace of different industries, women are still taking charge. In fact, Datuk Yong Lei Choo is the first female to become a KL Deputy police chief!

It was recently announced that eleven senior officers in Polis Diraja Malaysia will be receiving promotions. They will be promoted and transferred within different branches of the police force.

Datuk Yong Lei Choo, first female deputy police chief
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Amongst them is Datuk Yong Lei Choo who is being transferred to the KL Police station. Here she will become the first female in Malaysia to take on the role of deputy police chief. She is coming in from the Royal Malaysia Police College to oversee the force in KL.

Her duties at the KL police station will begin on the 25th of November when she is transferred in.

Polis Diraja Malaysia
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Meanwhile, other changes include ACP Che Zamani Awang appointed as Kedah Crime prevention and Community Security Deparment Chife. Also, Supt Nor Omar Sappi is the new Manjung district police chief in Perak.

A few other police officers are also promoted and transferred and we want to congratulate them all!

It is very inspirational to see women rising up the ranks to take on bigger positions. Moreover, it allows young girls to have role models they can look up to and use as inspiration.

First female fire station chief in sabah
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Just this year we had our first female fire station chief in Sabah who has an amazing story.

Hopefully we will continue along this path which allows women to be as equal as men in the workplace. Let this also spread out to different industries no matter what the perceived image is.