Father Brings Son On Road Trip To Europe In Their 12-Year Old Kelisa

Image credit: hmetro.com.my and wikipedia.com

Nowadays parents can get really busy with work and commitments to provide for the family. Unfortunately this also means that they have less time to spend with their children for bonding. Recognising this issue, a father is bringing his son on a road trip from Melaka to Europe in their Kelisa!

Nursulhi Rahim is from Pulau Sebang, Melaka and faces the struggles of having quality time with his children. Therefore, he decided to bring his oldest son Muhammad Aidil who is 14-years old on a road trip.

Father and son with Kelisa
Image credit: hmetro.com.my

Together the two of them are slowly making their way all the way to Europe! The journey began in their hometown Pulau Sebang, Melaka on the 1st of November. In fact, the two of them are doing it all in their trusty 12-year old Kelisa!

Moving on, the reason behind this trip is for a bonding experience. This is because Nursulhi has a lot of commitments and time constraints that limit his time with his children.

Furthermore, he works a number of different jobs in order to support his family and fund this trip. Nursulhi works jobs such as driving for Grab, working as a contractor, and also opening a Vespa modification workshop.

Road trip
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Through this trip, the father and son will get to explore new cultures and have new experiences together. The last we heard, the pair were having a great time in Bayramic, Turkey!

It’s great to see a father bring his son out for some real quality time especially if it’s through experiencing new things together. While they might not be able to go for a more comfortable trip, we applaud Nursulhi for making the effort and committing to bring his son all the way to Europe.

We hope they have a lovely and smooth trip up until their final destination!