Faith in Humanity Restored! What did this Kind Grab Driver Do?

Nowadays, it seems like the news is always filled with stories that make you feel worse. So many cases of assault, theft, and stalking. But this news should put a smile on your face. This Grab driver has really gone above and beyond his job.

Just a few days ago, a girl by the name of Daksayani Ganeson posted on her Facebook account. In the post she describes how this kindhearted Grab driver helped her out in a tough situation. What he did touched the hearts of people everywhere.

Daksayani needed a ride to go to the Klinik Kesihatan so she decided to book a ride with Grab. As soon as she got into the Grab car, to her shock she realised that she did not have her purse with her. In a state of panic, she started making phone calls to determine the location of her purse. Grab driver Mr. Rofaizul was nice enough to wait at the LRT station he picked her up from. Luckily, Daksayani was able to confirm that her purse was safe and sound at home.

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Since she had no money on her, Daksayani wanted to cancel the ride. To her surprise, Mr. Rofaizul offered to drop her at her destination without charging her. Once she reached the Klinik Kesihatan, she was even more moved by Mr Rofaizul’s kindheartedness. He gave her some money out of his own wallet so that she could pay for her medical fees.

Daksayani tried to get Mr. Rofaizul to let her pay him back via bank transfer but he refused. This is a true act of kindness that really helps to highlight how there are still good people. We should all learn from Mr. Rofaizul by trying to be a better person and put more good out in the world.

For your share of kindness today, read Daksayani’s full post here. Also, we’d love to know: what other act of kindness have you received from others in the past? Good things should be shared, so do share your stories with us and spread more love in the world!