Malaysia’s Response To Covid-19 Is Something We Should Be Proud Of

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When Covid-19 first began to creep up around the world early this year, many countries were unprepared. There was also a lot of debate around the best way to respond to the new virus. Some countries looked towards mass testing and lockdown measures while others contemplated letting herd immunity be the solution. Nonetheless, Malaysia’s response to Covid-19 is remarkable and something we should all be proud of!

Malaysia’s Response to Covid-19

Malaysia's response to Covid-19
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In the early stages, many of us were shrugging our shoulders at the idea of the virus. Countries around the world had cases but we were still doing okay. And even when the virus hit our shores, we didn’t think much of it as many were imported and isolated cases.

However, when cases began to pop up in clusters regarding a Tabligh event, everything changed. Malaysians now saw it as something serious and the Government knew they had to step in. Thus began our Movement Control Order with the Enhanced Movement Control Order implemented in areas with a high number of cases.

Malaysia's response to Covid-19
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Our healthcare professionals also began to do mass testing in suspected areas so as to catch cases early on. Malaysians could also go to a drive-thru testing clinic or hospital. Through these testings, we could find and treat as many cases as possible.

Did the Media Talk about it?

Unfortunately, not many media outlets are picking up on how good Malaysia’s response to Covid-19 was. Many are still looking towards other SouthEast Asian countries such as our friendly neighbour, Singapore.

Singapore measures for Covid-19
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The biggest highlight in the media was the recognition that our DG Dr Noor Hisham received for his work. In fact, he is amongst the top three doctors in the world in handling Covid-19. Regardless, Malaysia’s response to Covid-19 was still largely ignored.

Until now! While he is neither the media or even a journalist, Dustin who runs the YouTube channel ‘Other Side of the Truth’ recently highlighted Malaysia’s response to Covid-19 in a video that went viral online.

Here you can see him explaining how Malaysia was doing badly in the beginning before turning things around. Through the implementation of MCO and Malaysians working together, cases are starting to drop! Moreover, he acknowledges how he previously overlooked Malaysia when talking about the top 15 countries handling Covid-19.

Malaysians did an Amazing Job!

In a recent video, he breaks down the many ways that Malaysia responded to the virus. This includes how Malaysians worked together to donate food and medical supplies and even sewing PPE for the frontliners.

So while we might not be seeing many other news outlets highlighting our amazing job in responding to Covid-19, let’s not forget the ones who truly brought us here. Of course our amazing DG Dr Noor Hisham who oversaw most of the medical concerns. Let’s not forget our healthcare professionals who are still working tirelessly to treat patients.

We should also be grateful to our volunteers and NGOs that took the effort to donate food, medical supplies, and more to those in need. Malaysians, while we are doing better now the fight is still not over so let’s remember to do the best we can!