Explore These 8 Delicious Local Food Spots in Bentong

Explore These 8 Delicious Local Food Spots in Bentong

Mention the word “Bentong” and the first thing that mostly comes to mind would be its famous ginger and of course, durians. But this small town in Pahang, which is located around 70 km from KL, actually has plenty to offer when comes to food. From savoury breakfast staples to homemade ice creams, here is where you can explore these 8 Delicious Local Food Spots in Bentong.

1) Hooi Ji Wanton Mee

If you are new to Bentong, one of the must-try local dishes has to be wantan noodles. And you can find one in Yuan Kie Kopitiam, where they have a famous stall called Hooi Ji (a.k.a. Hooi Kee) Wanton Mee. A crowd favourite among many locals and visitors alike, Hooi Ji’s dry wantan noodles are springy and nicely coated with a thick caramelised soy sauce mix. This, in turn, gives the noodles a distinctly savoury taste upon every bite. You will also get some lean char siew slices, coupled with a side serving of soup filled with pork wontons. Do keep in mind their wantan noodles tend to sell out fast. So it’s best to come as early as possible (the stall opens around 7 am in the morning).

Address: No. 57, Jalan Chui Yun, Off Kedai Kopi Yuan Kie (Yuan Kie Kopitiam), 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Hooi Ji Wanton Mee
Image Credit: @cherry.momochan

2) Yong Tau Foo @ Yuan Kie Kopitiam

Yuan Kie Kopitiam also houses a famous yong tau foo stall, where they have various choices of homemade stuffed morsels ranging from brinjal to okra (lady’s fingers) and bitter gourd. Whatever you do, don’t forget to mix them with their delicious stuffed tofu puff. It’s juicy and flavourful and above all, they do not skimp on the meat filling (read: generous).

Address: No. 57, Jalan Chui Yun, Off Kedai Kopi Yuan Kie (Yuan Kie Kopitiam), 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Yong Tau Foo @ Yuan Kie Kopitiam
Image Credit: @8732538

3) Thong Kee Kopitiam

If the name of this kopitiam sounds familiar, that’s because you can find their outlets in KL and Selangor, namely Pandan Indah and Sea Park. But their OG outlet in Bentong remains the real deal ever since it opened back in 1988. Most locals and visitors would patronise the kopitiam for its signature croissant and kaya butter toast. For the croissant, consider getting the 3-in-1 option, which not only comes with a slice of chicken ham but also sliced cheese and omelette. And when it comes to their beverages, don’t forget to order Thong Kee’s famous 1+1, which is actually an aromatic concoction of Hainan tea and espresso mixed together.

Address: 92, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Thong Kee Kopitiam
Image Credit: @51373814

4) Satay Warisan Pak Chu

Operating since 1993, this popular stall specialises mainly in chicken and beef satay. Expect juicy and meaty satay with enough marinade goodness, with all of them freshly grilled on-site. Best paired the satay with nasi impit (compressed rice), cucumber slices and of course, dip them with the savoury-sweet peanut sauce. Do take note they only operate around evening onwards until 11 pm daily.

Address: 210, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Fatimah, Kampung Baru, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Satay Warisan Pak Chu
Image Credit: @Satay-Warisan-Pak-Chu-Bentong

5) Lemang To’ki

This popular restaurant is no stranger to serving good lemang (glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo tube). So good that don’t be surprised to see Lemang To’ki is often packed to the brim with locals and visitors alike. Try their famous lemang set, which comes with a mix of rendang ayam and daging. The lemang itself is soft and fragrant, thanks to the creamy infusion of coconut milk. Remember to cool down with a bottle of air asam (tamarind water) or a bowl of cendol.

Address: Batu 2, Jalan Tras, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Lemang To'ki
Image Credit: @588551968

6) T.A.K Ice Cream Corner

Given our country’s erratic weather conditions, cooling down your body with a bowl of ice cream definitely sounds like a great idea. This is especially true during the hot days and among the recommended dessert places in Bentong would be T.A.K Ice Cream Corner. They serve homemade ice cream flavours, covering pandan to yam and coconut. You can enjoy them on their own or serve as a topping for the likes of Banana Split, Ice Kacang or Ice Jagung. Or try their T.A.K Special — a shaved ice goodness of everything mixed together. That includes jelly, red beans, sweet corn, watermelon slices and more to enjoy.

Address: 89, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: T.A.K Ice Cream Corner
Image Credit: @vlukasl

7) Kedai Kopi Tan Kow Po

Here’s another recommended dessert place in Bentong and it’s called  Kedai Kopi Tan Kow Po. You can spot the shop that bears a (new) blue signboard with an (unofficial) Mickey Mouse. They serve various types of yes, homemade ice cream that you can enjoy on its own or pair with one of their ice-cold desserts (e.g. ABC with Ice Cream). Their ice cream particularly matters the most — soft, refreshing and above all, not overly sweet.

Address: 2, Lorong Utama, Bentong Heights, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Kedai Kopi Tan Kow Po
Image Credit: @342758468

8) Tauhu Auntie Mok

You may or may not know that Tauhu Auntie Mok used to operate under the old name of Bentong Tau Fu Sdn Bhd. This shop is famous for its signature tau fu fah (soy pudding), where you have the choice of pairing the silky-smooth pudding with ginger or Gula Melaka syrup. Given the fact that Bentong is popularly known for its eponymous ginger, you can’t go wrong choosing the former. The warm, spicy sensation of its ginger syrup sure gives the soothing tau fu fah a nice kick upon every spoonful. If you prefer some bites, they also offer tofu pok, steamed cake and rice dumplings.

Address: 85, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong Food: Tauhu Auntie Mok
Image Credit: @AuntieMokMalaysia

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