Everything You Need For A Perfect Barbecue At The Beach

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When the weekend or holiday comes, the beach can be a fantastic place to chill out and relax with your friends and family. In almost every beach you can find a BBQ pit but sometimes, not everyone knows exactly how to get a fire started. In this article, we give you tips on how to get a simple barbecue at the beach started, from scratch.

1) BBQ Pit

Most beaches these days have their own BBQ pits. You simply have to rent them beforehand and set up your BBQ when you arrive at your designated pit. However, in some cases, you can bring your own portable BBQ pit along and set it up along the beach.

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2) Tools

Here is a list of tools needed for easy roasting at the beach.

  • Long-handled tongs to handle the meat.
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Metal grill trays
  • Charcoal
  • Firestarters
  • Lighter or matches
  • Long-handled basting brush
  • A spatula for flipping burgers
  • Skewers metal or wooden
  • Aluminium foil
  • Long-handled stiff wire grill brush to clean the BBQ grate
  • A mini cooler to keep drinks cool and fresh in the hot summer
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3) Food for the BBQ

In most cases, you can easily order pre-marinated foods. However, if you would like to prepare some food, here is how you can do it. You get can get some meat from the supermarkets or wet markets. Cut them into about 1 inch cubes and marinate them with some oil, and spices the day before. Then leave them in the chill section of the fridge. You can put the meat cubes into the skewers or leave them as burger patties. Seafood like prawns can be grilled directly over the grill top and then brushed over with some sweet or garlicky sauce.

For vegetables,you can bring along some potatoes or sweet potatoes. Corn on the cob, aubergines, zucchinis and tomatoes are also excellent for grilling in the BBQ grill. Just make sure you bring along some salt and pepper for seasoning.

Typical desserts prepared at BBQs tend to marshmallows over a skewer. Fruits like pineapples and mangoes taste sweeter when they are grilled.

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4) Sauces

There is a wide range of sauces that you can bring along for the BBQ. The best would be ketchup, smoky BBQ sauces, garlic sauce, sweet chilli sauce and mustard sauce. Mayonnaise is not a good choice since it needs to be chilled. Any other smoky hot barbecue sauces such as the Sriracha sauce range is also a good idea.

Barbecue at the beach
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5) Picnic mat and Chairs

It would be a good idea to bring along a picnic mat and some chairs for the BBQ by the beach. Besides creating a cool and comfortable place to relax, these are also important as cooking food over the grill can take up some time. And it is important to ensure that the food is not contaminated by dirt from outside.

And so,with all these basic things and some confidence, you are ready to get to the beach and invite your friends over for your very first ‘Barbecue by the Beach’

Barbecue at the beach
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