Dresid Partners with Guocera to Launch an E-Commerce Platform for The Renovation Market

Image Credit: Dresid

Home renovation solutions, Dresid, has recently partnered up with Guocera Sdn. Bhd. to officially launch an e-commerce platform specifically for the renovation market, to meet the demands of many tech-savvy consumers and homeowners. The online platform allows consumers to browse ready-made interior concepts to off-the-shelves designs, to fit to their housing or floor plans.

Transforming the Renovation Market

Seeing that the movements of many consumers and homeowners in Malaysia are heavily restricted by the global pandemic, Dresid is looking to transform the renovation market into a stress-free space. With the launch of this e-commerce platform, consumers can now even purchase the necessary housing materials and have them installed by trusted contractors, which is a service not many can provide.

“While many Malaysians have grown accustomed with the new norm of living, the platforms for the renovation market are still lagging digitally,” said Kon Hao, the Head of Dresid.

“Understanding this gap, Dresid aims to provide an innovative solution to many homeowners in the renovation space as we understand the limitations that all of us need to comply to,” he added.

About the Platform

 Dresid seeks to offer a user-friendly and hassle-free platform for consumers looking to start on with their renovation projects and:

  • Look at the extensive library of interior design concepts to choose from, or as a source of inspiration for common spaces such as the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom.
  • Purchase of DIY project ideas, homewares and even entire off-the-shelves concepts that cater to cater to a variety of floor plans and dimensions.
  • Consult with Dresid’s team of professional and experienced planners to bring their ideas to life and complete their renovation journey.
  • Seek various payment methods through secure channels to give consumers peace of mind.
Image Credit: Dresid

Dresid believes that now is the good time to plan for a renovation, as the company is also collaborating with Hong Leong Bank by offering options for personal finance to home and property owners. More excitingly, Dresid now offers a 20% off sitewide on material purchase until the end of the month (30 April 2021) in conjunction with the launch of the e-commerce platform.

 For more information, visit www.dresid.com or follow Dresid on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Dresid.my.