Coca-Cola Clear Will Make Malaysian Debut in August 2018

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Coca-Cola seems to be branching out a lot recently. First, there was an alcoholic version. Now, there’s a clear version. Lucky Japan claimed these two versions, but now the clear version is making its way to Malaysian shores, courtesy of FamilyMart!

What exactly is Coca-Cola Clear?

As its name suggests, it’s transparent Coke. In order to make it transparent, Coca-Cola removed the caramel ingredient, and added in lemon to give it a twist. They tried out over 50 recipes before deciding on this one, and made some adjustments to the base formula. Also, it contains 0 calories, so go ahead and indulge yourself even if you’re on a diet.

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Thank you FamilyMart!

While Japan has been enjoying the Coca-Cola goodies, we could only watch, green with envy. However, FamilyMart Malaysia will be bringing Coca-Cola Clear (among other items) to its stores in August, as part of its “Summer Fun & Fresh” campaign. The price of Coca-Cola Clear is quite high at RM 8.49 for a 500 ml bottle, so if you don’t mind spending almost RM 10 on a soft drink, you should definitely go for it!

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Recent visitors to Japan, did you manage to try this transparent drink out? If you did, share your Coca-Cola Clear experience with us so we know what it tastes like, and if we should try it out for ourselves!