ChongQing DeZhuang Hotpot Is Finally Here For Us To Enjoy

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Hot pot is quickly growing in popularity around as more and more people discover its wonders. Let’s not confuse hot pot with steamboat which focuses more on the meat and vegetables. Hot pot on the other hand also highlights the soup as it also plays an important role in the meal. Furthermore, there are a variation of hot pot styles ranging from sweet collagen-packed to burn-your-tongue off spicy. One style of hot pot is the ChongQing hot pot which features red soup boiled from beef tallow with Sichuan pepper.

ChongQing Hot Pot

ChongQing Hot Pot
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ChongQing hot pot can be directly translated to ‘numb and spicy’ due to the effect of the Sichuan pepper. This unique pepper provides a numbing effect to the mouth of anyone eating it. It is also a style of northern style hot pot because of it’s spicy taste.

Another method of distinguishing ChongQing hot pot is through the raw ingredients cooked in it. The most common ones include tripe, duck blood, duck intestines, beef, pork kidney slices, asparagus, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Of course there are also other delicious ingredients.

ChongQing hot pot dipping plate
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In addition, there is usually a sauce station that accompanies the food. Here, diners can find a variety of sauces to dip their food in. In the case of ChongQing, there will be the oil plate and the chilli plate. The oil plate is a mixture of minced garlic and sesame oil which can help cut down on the spice. Meanwhile, the chilli plate consists of chilli powder.

ChongQing DeZhuang Hot Pot Opens in Malaysia

De Zhuang hot pot
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DeZhuang hot pot is a popular hot pot restaurant from China and is considered one of the best. Now, you can enjoy a steaming pot in Arkadia, the newest location and also the first in Southeast Asia.

Ingredients such as green chillies and ChongQing peppercorns are imported from China, with the signature broth being the Green Chilli Mala Spicy soup. Meanwhile, other soups include red oil mala, tomato, nature spicy, mala sauerkraut, and beauty collagen. In your dip oil you can also add red chillies, garlic, coriander leaves, spring onions, and more to your dipping plate.

Beef from De Zhuang
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Moving on, choose from their range of beef imported from Australia such as short rib, Angus beef, Angus beef slice, and more. The beef is said to melt in your mouth thanks to the quality of its marbling.

Additionally, check out the tender chicken slices, handmade fresh shrimp paste, spicy duck gizzards, and crispy bean curd shrimp paste. Moreover, don’t be hesitant to try the braised beef brisket, honeycomb tripe, beef tendon, and ducks wings.