Check Out These Local Business Promotions & Offers For A Good Deal!

Local business promotions and offers

The MCO has been extended for a fair few times, but no one really knows when it’s going to be lifted. However, life must still go on, and business must still be conducted. So, during this time, some businesses have decided to put up special promotions, and we have found a few of them. They’ll be thankful for your patronage, and you’ll be helping the local businesses survive as well! Without further ado, let’s check out these local business promotions!

1) Vasari Malaysia

Also known as Venetian Plaster, Vasari Natural Wall Plaster a beautiful, luxurious and affordable wall finish. Composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime and natural pigments, there is no other wall finish comparable to it. Currently, Vasari Malaysia has several ongoing promotions:

  • 10% off for all supply and install services
  • Additional 5% off for wall size of 240 square feet and above
  • Reduction of price for all premium colours
  • Supply and install minimum size reduced from 150 square feet to 120 square feet
  • Existing customers get 15% off automatically
  • 6-month installment plan with 0% interest
  • Additional RM50 off for a successful referral

Secure a deal with Vasari Malaysia before 12th May 2020, and get your beautiful Vasari Malaysia wall installed anytime before 31st January 2021! For more information, you can visit Vasari Malaysia’s Facebook page and send them a message.

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2) Duchess and Co

Visit Duchess and Co, and you’ll see that everything is on sale. In fact, the sale is webwide, and up to 80% off! That’s not all! Enjoy RM300 cashback when you spend RM500, or RM800 cashback when you spend RM1000. The cashbacks are in online voucher form, and they will be emailed to you. After that, you can use the voucher to shop with them again till 31st December 2020. This promotion is slated to end on 30th April 2020, but it’s unsure if it will extended alongside the MCO.

Duchess and Co
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3) Ministry of Burn (MOB)

MOB is a boutique fitness gym where they offer several different kinds of workouts to cater to different preferences, including Ride, HIIT, Yoga and Dance. Gyms are closed during the MCO but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. MOB is providing free Instagram Live classes daily throughout the MCO period, which covers the aforementioned workouts. All you need to do is go to MOB’s Instagram and click on their live video when they go live! You can click on the link in their bio to make a contribution to help the instructors out for providing free classes, at your own ability. Besides that, they are also providing private virtual live ride classes, where you can ride from home with your favourite instructors live. You can also choose to have pre-recorded classes at just RM38 per week! To book your slot, visit MOB’s website.

#MOBFROMHOME Ministry of Burn
Image Credit: MOB

4) Maria’s SteakCafe

Craving for some juicy steak? Get your fix from Maria’s SteakCafe, where there are plenty of promotions. Besides that, it seems like they roll out other different promotions from time to time as well, so make sure you check on them every once in a while! The current promotions we found include:

  • Special MCO menu up to 40% off
  • 30% off all raw beef and lamb cutlets (available for takeaway or delivery)
  • 20% off on all normal-priced items

Remember to keep an eye on Maria’s SteakCafe’s Facebook page for more promotions!

Maria's SteakCafe
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5) Uncommon Dance Studio

Everyone is welcome to dance with Uncommon Dance Studio, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner! From 29th April – 12th May 2020, you can dance through Uncommon Dance Studio’s live classes at RM25 per class, or at RM80 for 4 classes, with a class duration of one hour. That’s not all, as Kids Class (age 7-12 years old) is also available! Students for the live classes are encouraged to submit their dance homework after the classes for teacher’s review to ensure that they understand and progress well. For more information and to know the class schedule, you can call 017-6909561.
Uncommon Dance Studio Online Class
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6) Havan Clothing

Havan Clothing turns artwork by shelter-home children into clothing, so it becomes “Fashion With A Purpose”. For every item sold, part of the proceeds is used to sustain the Havan program with the shelter homes. In light of the pandemic and MCO, their manufacturer has stopped production for the time being, and so they have just launched their very first pre-order campaign with an offer. Their T-shirts are sold at RM49 per piece, but you can now get one for RM39, saving RM10. Part of these proceeds still go to the learning program with the children, so don’t worry. Order by 15th June 2020, and delivery will be after that!

Havan Clothing: Fashion with a purpose
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7) Yookybites

A health food company that mainly operates online and distributes to BMS Organics, Yookybites is where you can get your fix of healthy pastry, buns and bread among others. A visit to their website shows that just about everything is on sale, and they announce sales on different items periodically as well. You can also use the code “YOOKY10” to get a 10% discount off storewide!

Yookybites Belgian Dark Chocolate Bun
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8) Fat Sunday

Fat Sunday crafts wholesome, handmade dessert and sweets, and they’re currently having a 20% discount for all purchases till 30th April 2020. Hurry and get some handmade dessert before time’s up!

Fat Sunday Handmade Dessert
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