BookXcess Opens A Magical Book Wonderland At Setia Alam, So Let’s Go!

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Life can occasionally get very hectic and stressful with all the responsibilities and expectations of everyday life. And in these times of feeling overwhelmed we might want to escape into our own world and destress. Now you can step into a magical wonderland of books at BookXcess in Setia Alam!

The Magic of Books

Reading books
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There’s just something about being surrounded by books. Maybe it’s the smell of ink on paper or the feel of the pages between your fingers. At the end of the day, escaping into a book wonderland can be amazing for your soul.

However, it’s not just your soul that will feel whole again. You will also find yourself thinking more creatively which is great for problem solving. In fact, having problems solved is also good for your mood and energy levels.

BookXcess at Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue

Moving on, BookXcess has opened their 8th outlet at Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue. It’s a new place in Setia Alam located near the Setia Convention Centre. One thing BookXcess does well is that it opens outlets in a variety of locations to cater to as many people as possible.

BookXcess spiral bookshelf
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This magical wonderland of books will allow you to escape the outside world and lose track of time. With each step you take you will be brought closer to the heart of this incredible shop.

Furthermore, as with their other outlets BookXcess loves to design their stores to have a great concept. This one features a tunnel inspired shelf of books with a spiral staircase attached.

What to expect

BookXcess Setia Alam
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In the store you will find warm and cosy lighting bouncing off the countless books. Moving on, the concept of the store is “Getting Lost” which seems pretty easy to do. It truly feels like you’ve stepped into a different world of books.

You will also find work stations and reading spaces for you to sit and enjoy a good book. Meanwhile, children will have fun in the children’s book section which is designed with a maze-like concept.

Cafe Wolf
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Feeling peckish? Head over to cáfe Wolf which is located IN the store. You will be treated to not only your typical drinks but also some delicious pastry. You can sip on a cuppa while flipping through that book you’re considering.

BookXcess is located in Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue, Setia Alam and is open daily from 10am to 10pm. You should also check out the other outlets around the Klang Valley. This is a great place to shop for discounted books.