Attention All Avocado Aficionados – Here’s Where You Can Find Avocado-Inspired Food and Drinks!

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Having just written about another berry (yes, I’m talking about bananas), I didn’t know I would be writing about yet another one. You got it right – avocados are considered a type of berry too! Native to Mexico and Central America, they are cultivated in other areas in the world including Malaysia (although not on a large scale yet). The avocados we usually find in the supermarkets are imported from countries such as Australia, Mexico, Kenya, the Philippines, the United States, New Zealand, Greece, and Spain.

Avocados have risen in popularity in Malaysia due to its health benefits, versatility, and taste. For those of you who love avocados, here are 7 places to find food, drinks and desserts that involve this beloved berry.

1. Avocadian

Before I go on any further, I must confess that I am not that much of a fan of avocados. In fact, I only eat them when they are in the form of guacamole. However, I have been walking past the Avocadian branch in Damansara Uptown for the past year and I finally stepped in the other day to try their products. As I was inspired by them to write this article, I decided I should at least give them a try.

I ordered the Chocolate AvoShake and I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they were selling guacamole as well! I got the Oh My Guac! Guacomole and received a free AvoTart with my order. I was most worried about the AvoShake but it turned out to be quite nice – the texture of avocados making the drink even more creamy and smooth. I loved the guacamole which had pieces of jackfruit inside. It’s a brilliant combination – the sweetness of jackfruit blends in perfectly with the guacamole and gives it a bit of crunch as well. All in all, I was very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely visit again.

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2. Dolicado

Avocados are rich in nutrients and act as a good source of healthy fats and fibre. Not only that, the bland taste and creamy texture of avocados make for a good substitute in food and desserts. At Dolicado, owner and baker Tang Ling uses avocados as a substitute for the cream cheese in her cheesecakes. Hoping to change people’s mind about the fruit and make avocados more acceptable to the public’s palate, she began her journey in July 2020.

Safe to say, she has been successful in her venture – managing to break even after only 4 months of business. She currently offers three flavours of cheesecakes which are classic, matcha and hojicha. Decorated with edible flowers and available in various sizes, it is truly a sight to behold (and taste).

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3. Mizicor

In case you didn’t know, Mizicor is a Malaysian brand that is under Snowberry Malaysia Sdn Bhd. They have more than 12 years of producing fruits related products and when you look at them, they specialise in unique and lesser-known fruits such as calamansi and yes, avocado too.

Choose from three different flavours – avocado, avocado chocolate and avocado banana ice cream – all made using the finest ingredients and high-quality avocados from Mexico. As there are no artificial colouring, flavour or preservatives added, and avocados themselves are not very sweet, this makes a wonderful dessert for the health-conscious, children and even the elderly who have too watch their diet. Get yours today by send a direct message through their Facebook or Instagram!

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4. Jee’s Guacamole

One of the best ways (in my opinion) to consume avocados is in the form of guacamole which is an avocado-based dip or spread that was first developed in Mexico. You can spread it on toast or use it as a salad dressing. We also commonly see it as an appetizer where it is eaten with nachos in Mexican restaurants.

At Jee’s Guacomole, their guacamole is homemade and made fresh upon order. I liked how various recipes are also shared on their Instagram page, showing all the different ways that guacamole can be eaten. They also mentioned that guacamole makes for a healthy and delicious snack, and I couldn’t agree more.

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5. Bo The Avocado

With shops in TTDI, Mid Valley, Jaya One and Pavilion Bukit Jalil, surely one of them is near you because if you love avocados, you must visit them! From avocado drinks to guacamole to hot food and cheesecake, they have it all. The drinks themselves come in so many flavours – Yuri Matcha, Stawberry, Satsumaimo (purple sweet potato) are just some of them.

They are also known for their Avo Lime Cheesecake that is not too heavy or jelak and their Guac! Guac! which needs to be ordered two days in advance as they are made fresh. They’ve also recently added hot food to their menu with options such as Mac & Bo and Eggs Bo-nedict Toast. Don’t they sound delicious? 🤤

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6. Avosome

An avocado speciality store with a mission to spread positivity and happy thoughts, the founders were initially not fans of avocados. Forced to eat avocados when they were young, they changed their minds when they bought an avocado on impulse years later when they were grown up.

That became the turning point that led to how Avosome was created, a place where they can share their love of avocados by incorporating it in smoothies, coffee, fudge brownies and cheesecakes. They also provide handpicked avocados so that you get the best avocados available. Avosome is available on food delivery apps, you can check which ones they’re on through the link on their bio.

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7. Swich Cafe

Home to the happiest food on earth – cakes! – Swich Café is known for their unique creations that often uses local fruits and flavours. The Super Avocado Pandan cake is no exception. Made with freshly squeezed Pandan juice and frosted with avocado cream with chunks of fresh avocados in every bite, this cake is the perfect embodiment of delectable. The taste is light and slightly sweet from the chocolate ganache, the texture creamy and smooth. Not only that, but it is also low in sugar and fat making it the best guilt-free cake in town. Just remember to place your order at least two days in advance as they need to ensure that they have enough stock of avocados.

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