Are You Sure Your Bubble Tea Spot Is Halal? It Might Not Be

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When the bubble tea craze hit Malaysia, everyone went crazy over this new drink with chewy tapioca pearls. It was to the point that SS15 in Subang has been dubbed as THE bubble tea place. But does your favourite bubble tea place actually have a halal certificate?

Halal or Nah?

In Malaysia, the majority of our citizens are Muslims and follow the teachings of Islam. This includes making sure that everything they consume is halal. Food that is not halal includes pork and alcohol.

Having a halal certificate is important in indicating the status of not just food products. It also can include cosmetics, personal care products, and food utensils.

In order to receive the halal certificate, all food must be free from anything prohibited by Islamic law. In addition utensils, machinery, and equipment must also be cleansed according to Islamic law.

It has recently come to light that some popular bubble tea spots do not actually possess a halal certificate. The two franchises in question are Xing Fu Tang and The Alley which have been quite popular amongst bubble tea lovers.

The Post that Started it All

A post by Facebook user Siti Mariam Zainon has highlighted that Xing Fu Tang and The Alley are not halal certified. She checked with Verify Halal which is a platform allowing users to check the halal status of an outlet. Both outlets were not found to be bearing the halal certificate.

She talks about how those practising Islam must be careful whenever buying any bubble tea products. Just because artists and famous influencers drink and post about it should not be the reason they just follow along.

In her post she clarifies that it is not just the presence of pork or pork by-products that can make the drinks haram. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when considering the status.

Reactions so far

Her post has received some mixed reactions from other Facebook users.

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Some of them agreed with her post and thanked her for it.

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While some had unpleasant comments, we also have comments like the one above that advocates for harmony.

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Benson even helped to clarify on certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

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Lastly, we also have some who joked that the lines would be shorter. All in good nature.

As for now, Xing Fu Tang has clarified that their products are halal certified in Taiwan. The Alley has also commented that they are in the midst of obtaining their certificate.