Affordable Economy Class Options Is Malaysia Airlines’ New Move

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Flying is known to be an expensive mode of transportation. After all, you could be paying in the thousands to fly overseas. While we do have AirAsia providing us with somewhat more affordable prices, it’s still nice to have options. Now, Malaysia Airlines is introducing new affordable economy class choices. In fact, there are a total of three new choices that can help you save a few bucks.

Malaysia Airlines
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Previously, Malaysia Airlines only provided affordable economy class options for domestic Malaysia destinations. However, they are now introducing the flexible fare options to destinations in the ASEAN and South Asia regions.

Now, passengers will have three different fare options to choose from that best suits them. But don’t worry because you will still get to enjoy a premium travel and full-service carrier experience.

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Not everyone who flies is going through the same experience. Some may only be going for a quick one or two day business trip. Others might be having a month-long vacation. And sometimes there are those who are moving to a new country.

As a result of this new insight, the airlines has curated three different options which are Lite, Basic, and Flex. Each one will still come with cabin baggage of up to 7kg, complimentary meals, refreshments, and the in-flight-entertainment system.

Affordable Economy Class options by Malaysia Airlines
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Moving on, the Lite option is perfect for any travellers on a quick trip such as a business related one. These passengers wanted the quickest and most efficient experience and need only the essentials. Therefore there is no check-in baggage because all they need is a cabin one.

Next, the Basic caters to the usual traveller who still wants the benefits of a premium travel service. Those who opt for the Basic fare will receive 20kg of free check-in baggage and a chance to enjoy Enrich benefits. These include Enrich Miles upgrades which can include upgrading to Business Class!

Lastly, the Flex fare is for those who want lots of flexibility for their trip. No need to worry about baggage because they will receive 30kg of check-in baggage. On top of that passengers can travel earlier, change travel dates, and are entitled to refunds. Perfect for anyone who wants to travel care free.