A Walk Through The Slums of Manila, Philippines

Back in 2012, Brandon Ann, a travel and social photographer, was on a mission trip, “changing lives for the better future”, with a group of friends from the same church. They chose to visit the slums of Manila, the poorest place in the Metro Manila where a neglected community who scavenges off trash lives.


Walking through the muddy streets piled with trash, their hearts felt heavy. It was so sickening to see trash and puddles everywhere. Life is a daily struggle for these squatters whose families can number 12 or 14, giving the Philippines having one of the highest birth rates in the Southeast Asia.


The people who live there came from all over the Philippines. They brought hopes from their respective provinces to come all the way to the city for a better life. Unfortunately, things did not turn up as they wished. With nowhere to go, they ended up here.


Smokey Mountain is a completely different world. This place was operated for more than 40 years, consisting of over two million metric tons of waste. Walking along the muddy streets, they saw layers of trash, comprises plastic bags, wood, metal, bottles, iron, fabrics, tires and many more. It was indeed heart-breaking.


You will never want to live in this kind of unbearable condition.  We bet no one could image how worst is worst until they experience and see this with their own eyes.


As compared to them, we should count our blessings. We have proper shelters, variety of food, clean water to consume, plenty of job opportunities and etc… what more should we ask for?

All images are contributed by Brandon Ann, a social and travel photographer. To view more images of the slums of Manila, click on the post below.