A Green Sanctuary In A Condo That Will Inspire You To Begin Your Own

Image credit: says.com and Lady of Leisure

Plants are a super great addition to any home because there are a lot of benefits associated. They can boost your mood, productivity, and concentration while also absorbing toxins in the air, leaving you with fresh air better than any AC can give. Unfortunately, many of us might find the idea of keeping plants daunting. After all, not everyone is born with green thumbs. However, just take a look at this green sanctuary by Jessy Christopher-Tham. It will surely inspire you to get some plants today!

Jessy’s Green Sanctuary

Jessy and her plant
Image credit: says.com

After moving into a condo back in 2016, Jessy realised that there was a lot of natural sunlight streaming in. This inspired her to start a small garden in 2017 which quickly grew to what it is today.

It first began with a few houseplants from IKEA and nurseries. Today, she has about 200 species of plants in her apartment! Her home is truly a green sanctuary for all the plants she lovingly takes care of.

Jessy lives in PJ with her family of two and is also a freelance scrapbook designer. In fact, it is easy to see how creative she is with design once you see how lovely her plants are arranged.

A green sanctuary at home
Image credit: says.com

Moreover, the plants are thoughtfully placed around her home based on the specific needs. For example, there are two corners on her balcony which receives different amount of light. One has direct sunlight for a few hours while the other is mostly indirect light for an hour or two.

This way, her plants receive what they need. And it doesn’t just stop at sunlight. Jessy also works hard to try and find the best soil mixture because there is no one ratio fits all. Each plant has different requirements for nutrients.

green garden on a balcony
Image credit: says.com

After looking at the pictures of her green sanctuary at home, are you inspired to start one too? You can always start small with a few hardy houseplants and succulents. Jessy has a few tips for you aspiring plant lovers.

Firstly, she recommends looking for the right plants based on how much sunlight your place receives. Next, water your plants when the topsoil is dry and water until it drains out through the bottom. Lastly, make sure there is no plastic lining at the bottom of the pot that might stop the water from draining.

Lady of Leisure

home grown food
Image credit: Lady of Leisure

We also recommend checking out Lady of Leisure for additional tips and advice on taking care of home plants. Just like Jessy, she lives in a condo is inspiring others to begin their own green sanctuary.

Additionally, Lady of Leisure focuses on growing plants you can eat while also finding sustainable solutions. On her Facebook she shares free giveaways of edible plants, sustainable solutions, tips, and DIYs for an urban edible garden at home.

Her sole mission for the account is to encourage others to grow their own food. In fact, her work is to expose people to the benefits, reasons, and share convenient yet sustainable ways to grow your plants at home, no matter the size of the space.