9 Types Of Pastry So Good You’ll Want To Try Them All!

Pies, tarts, quiches, croissants, macarons… alright, just how many of you are a pastry lover just like I am, and started drooling at the mention of those pastries? While those common pastries are reliably good, there’s so much more to explore in the world of pastries. In this list of 9 types of pastry, perhaps most are still pretty obscure here, though there’s also one or two familiar ones thrown in. Without further ado, let’s sink into these pastries!

Technically, there are five types of pastry, but these are most useful if you’re trying to bake. The types of pastry covered in this list are those you just want to eat. Regardless, just for your information, the five types of pastry are shortcrust pastry, filo pastry, choux pastry, flaky pastry and puff pastry.

1) Mille-feuile

Origin: France

Image Credit: ganachepatisserie.com.au

Sometimes also known as the “Napoleon”, mille-feuile literally translates into “thousand-leaf”. While the actual mille-feuile does not have a thousand sheets, it does consist of three layers of puff pastry alternated with two layers of pastry cream. The topmost layer could be glazed with icing or fondant and alternating white and brown stripes, which are then combed. If not, it will be dusted with either confectioner’s sugar or cocoa.

2) Alexandertorte

Origin: Latvia

Image Credit: epicurus.com

This dessert is historical, as it was created to commemorate a visit of Tsar Alexander III in Riga, Latvia. Think of it as a sweet, sweet sandwich, as the Alexandertorte is composed of two pastry strips filled with berry preserves or jam. The top layer of the Alexandertorte is also glazed with icing, and it is recommended that this be made a day before serving so the icing can harden before it is cut.

3) Danish

Origin: Denmark

Image Credit: kingarthurflour.com

Danishes should be familiar, as they’re quite common here. From chocolate to berry danishes, our choices are pretty varied too! The Danish is a sweet pastry brought into Denmark by Austrian bakers, making it Denmark’s specialty, as well as its neighbouring Scandinavian countries. Basically, the Danish is a multilayered pastry that is created by folding and rolling the dough several times, with thin slices of butter in between the layers.

4) Bahulu

Origin: Malaysia

Image Credit: ketojules.com

Come on, you’ve got to know this one… right? Also known as kuih bahulu, this is a popular type pf pastry served during festive seasons, including Hari Raya and CNY. A kind of sponge cake, bahulus are soft and fragrant, perfect for eating them as they are or for dipping into your favourite hot beverage (I’m not the only one who does this, right?). It’s also similar to the French pastry called madeleine.

5) Cannoli

Origin: Italy

Image Credit: nuhotelbrooklyn.com

Look at the cannoli and tell me you can resist it. You can? Excellent, more for me! Cannoli are fried tube-shaped pastry shells, filled to the brim with a sweet, creamy filling, usually containing ricotta cheese. Cannoli are available in different sizes, from bite-sized ones smaller than your finger to hearty fist-sized ones! Which cannoli would you choose?

6) Spanakopita

Origin: Greece

Image Credit: thespruceeats.com

The Spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie, and I’ve never loved something more. Imagine a hearty filling of spinach, feta or ricotta, onions and eggs, all wrapped together snugly in a crispy and flaky filo pastry with butter and olive oil… buttery yet crispy with each bite, there’s nothing better than a freshly-baked Spanakopita! Thank you, Greece, for this heavenly delicacy!

7) Bossche Bol

Origin: Netherlands

Image Credit: vandergrijn.nl

Okay, the bossche bol is basically a gigantic profiterole slathered with (usually) dark chocolate. Unsure what’s a profiterole either? Let me help you out. A profiterole is essentially a cream puff, or a French pastry ball with a sweet filling e.g. cream! So you can imagine just how decadent the bossche bol is as a large profiterole! The bossche bol is also known as chocoladebol (chocolate ball), and it’s no surprise why!

8) Strudel

Origin: Central Europe

Image Credit: pizzacappucino.com

Strudels are most famous in Austria, though no one really knows the exact origins of strudels. The most well-known kind of strudel is probably the apple strudel, which is apple wrapped and cooked in layered pastry. However, anything that is sweet can go into a strudel, and other fruits such as peach and cherry have been incorporated into strudels as well! Sometimes, you do get a savoury strudel, so it’s the best of both worlds with strudels!

9) Curry Puff

Origin: Southeast Asia

Image Credit: sbs.com.au

Of course I had to round it up with a local favourite – the curry puff! The curry puff is basically a small pie filled with curry chicken and potatoes – yum! The pastry shell is either deep-fried or baked, and the curry paste is usually quite thick to prevent spillage. Till today, it remains a highly popular snack, and rightly so!

*frantically wipes drool from the keyboard* so which pastry is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!