9 Things That Became Really Popular Due To Covid-19

things that became really popular due to covid-19

Covid-19 definitely interfered with many things, and turned lives upside down. Due to avoidance of getting infected, most activities/businesses had to be halted to minimise contact with each other. However, as a result of this, other things actually gained popularity, out of necessity. We stayed at home and attempted to entertain ourselves or create some semblance of normalcy, and lo and behold, here are some things that became really popular due to Covid-19.

1) Online Classes

Online classes aren’t “new” per se, but it really took off as everyone stayed at home. Schools everywhere launched online classes to ensure students kept learning, and not just academically. Besides schools, activity classes such as workouts, dance and fitness also set up online classes in a bid to keep businesses running. As physical classes resume gradually, online classes are still being used to help cope with the current situation, and is now a long-term alternative.


2) Virtual Travel

This one baffled us for a hot minute, then we found out how it works. For everyone who has a travel itch, the best thing to do for now is to travel virtually. Far from just presenting a bunch of pictures and/or videos, virtual travel portals use 360-degree technology to make destinations seem more real. Some of them also allow you to navigate through places yourself, giving you full control over the “tour”. To start off, you can check out this YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can also check out a list of some virtual tours here.

3) Virtual Events

Continuing the necessity of all things online, events have been moved online too, as crowds aren’t allowed to gather. Everything from fairs, exhibitions and weddings were done virtually, with some still being virtual at the moment. Some of a few virtual events include education fairs, career fairs, wedding fairs, and even financial fairs. Each event will differ from the next, but you can expect live webinars and conference calls to chat with representatives at the “fair”.

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4) Livestream Businesses

Something that has really picked up thanks (?) to Covid-19 is livestreams, which was also born as an innovation to conduct business. Sure, there are many ways to conduct business online, with the most basic method being setting up a website. However, setting up a website costs time and money, and not everyone has that liberty. Livestreams, usually conducted on Facebook, is much easier. All you need is a Facebook account and a smartphone, and you can go live immediately. Besides promoting goods, livestreams also act as a source of entertainment, especially if hosts are funny.


5) Delivery Services

While stuck at home, everyone was kind of busy doing everything online. Online shopping and ordering food were probably the top two hits! As physical shops were mostly closed and people couldn’t leave the house, everything they needed or wanted had to be delivered. In fact, delivery services were overwhelmed for a certain period of time during the “peak” of our MCO. Food delivery services were also popular, especially after a while when everyone just got sick and tired of cooking.


6) Working From Home

Working from home was kind of “on the fence” thing before this, but Covid-19 actually gave it a push. During “stay at home” orders, many companies had successfully implemented a work from home routine, and today some companies actually allow employees to work from home as a long-term alternative. Offices remain open if employees need/want to drop by, but it’s good that employees can choose to work from home as well!


7) Acquisition Of New Skills

For the longest time, most of us were running about like headless chickens, caught up in a hectic daily routine. With that taking up all of our time, we didn’t even want to do anything else when we had some free time. However, due to Covid-19 and staying at home, we suddenly had a lot of free time, and that meant finally having time to do whatever we always wanted to try. Some learnt a new language, some painted, but we’d have to say that baking is most popular–some even set up home bakeries as a side hustle!


8) Streaming Services

To keep oneself entertained, many turn to streaming services. Streaming services are plentiful, ranging from Netflix, Disney+ and Viu. Other entertainment services such as Spotify and games were also a hit, with many playing Animal Crossing or downloading new games just to pass time. In fact, Playrix founders Dmitry and Igor Bukhman, who are new billionaires in 2020, reports a significant increase in downloads and profits during March-April. What a time to be game developers right now!


9) Mask Covers

Yes, you know that the new essentials are face masks, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes. But the use of face masks has also created a need for mask covers, mask containers or mask keepers. Whatever you know it as, these things are for you to keep your mask in, instead of just stuffing it into your bag or pocket, or leaving it lying around on the table. It’s more hygienic this way, and less prone to pick up or spread germs and bacteria.

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