9 Social Manners that Malaysians Are Lacking

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There’s always so much one can learn by watching other countries closely. One of these things is the way people behave in the society, which is what defines the term social manners or etiquette. Here are 9 social manners that Malaysians are lacking and should adopt in the daily lives to make the country a better place.

1) Hold the door if there’s someone behind you

One of the biggest problems we have, as Malaysians, is to oversee the little gestures that can make a huge difference to someone else. For example, keeping the door open at a public place when someone is right behind you. It won’t cost us anything just to keep the door open so that the person right behind us won’t have to open it again.

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2) Don’t take up all the escalator space

Have your ever rushed up an escalator only to be stopped by a person who’s standing still in your track? Ideally in a better world, we should stand by the right side so that if people are in a hurry, they can pass through on the left side. In Malaysia, we lack the escalator etiquette, don’t you think?

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3) Let people get out of the public transportation first

When it comes to using public transportation, always remember to let the commuters get out of the vehicles first. Otherwise, we’ll end up pushing our way in and those getting out will have to push their way out. Situations like these can cause more congestion or even accidents.

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4) Give your seats to the elderly and pregnant ladies

One of the ways of being polite when travelling in public transports is to stand up and give our seats to those, who need it the most such as the elderly and pregnant ladies. It doesn’t matter if they thank you or not, what matters is you did the right thing.

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5) Put your dirty trays away at fast food restaurants

It could be a fast food restaurant or a food court, the most decent way to end our meal is to put away our food tray and used utensils. Think of it as a way to clean up after yourself.

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6) Always say “Please” and “Thank You”

As part of the manners, the most common words that parents teach their kids are “please” and “thank you”. Somehow, we adults tend forget to use these words when needed. Remember, saying either one of these words or both can make someone’s day better, especially if he or she is having a bad day.

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7) Do not spit in public places

In Malaysia, we still find people who spit out of habit not thinking where they are. Spitting in the public places is not just unhygienic, it is an unpleasant etiquette that dampens the reputation of our society. If you need to spit, go to the washroom.

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8) Do not throw your cigarette butts on the floor

Did you know if you throw your cigarette butts on the floor, they eventually find their way to the ocean and other water sheds? Not only that, carelessly discarding cigarette butts are also a frequent cause of fires. Learn to throw your cigarette butts into designated bins.

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9) Wait until it is your turn to board the lift

Have you ever waited for a lift for so long only to find people who came later than you boarded the lift first? Nobody likes the feeling of being queue-cut. Even though there’s no queue at the lift, always remember to let the person waited before you to board the lift first.

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What other social manners that Malaysians should adopt? Share with us.