9 Places to Indulge in Fat Macarons in KL & Selangor

fat macaron
Image Credit: Kek People & Maron Kuala Lumpur

Also known as “뚱카롱” (ddoongcaron) which directly translates to fatcaron, the idea of supersized fat macarons originated from South Korea where it was all the rage circa 2019. While the typical French macaron only has a layer of cream sandwiched by a sweet meringue-based cookie, a fat macaron has 2 to 3 times the amount of filling along with all kinds of ingredients such as fruits, biscuits and decorations. If you are looking for something sweet, indulgent, and different from the usual pastries, get your hands on some fatcarons from these places in KL and Selangor. They also make great gifts and will surely delight any recipients with a sweet tooth!

1) Kek People

Founded by Nurul, a self-taught baker whose wedding stationery business was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to open a home-based bakery to connect and create special moments through baking and gifting. Indeed, happiness starts at Kek People with a box of their Signature Macarons packed with a butter-creamed filled cookie sandwiches. Just make sure you order at least 3 days in advance!

2) Pink Egg Bakery

Named very much appropriately as Thicc Macs, you can get a taste of them through The OG box where you can sample an assortment of 6 flavours — salted caramel, lemon curd, matcha, cookies n cream, black sesame and dark chocolate. Perfect for an afternoon snack along with a cup of coffee or matcha, expect to find a thick creamy filling that will surely satisfy your cravings.


3) Bake With Mims

A part-time home baker, the fat macarons at Bake With Mims are only available on a pre-order basis, so do take note of that. You can choose from a variety of flavours to make up a box of 6 or 10 pieces of these delicious confections. They also offer cake macarons where 12 pieces of assorted macarons are formed into a cake-like structure. If you are looking for an alternative to a birthday cake, you should definitely consider this.

4) Mi_Carons

Keep it simple, keep it real — that’s the tagline at Mi_Carons but we find it hard to believe. How is it simple when they offer interesting flavor combinations that you usually don’t hear of such as strawberry basil and blueberry lemon? They’re totally real though and they have recently introduced a Christmas Fatcaron gift box that looks much too charming to eat!

5) JCL Patisserie

With a name that stands for joy, creative and love, JCL Patisserie uses the finest ingredients in their baked goods. They are well-known for their tarts and they have recently added this premium box of macarons to their repertoire. With flavours such as Japanese Yuzu and Intense Dark Chocolate, this is the perfect way to indulge on your cheat day (if you have one).

6) Pâtisserie le Crunchié

A macaron specialist, all the ingredients used at Pâtisserie le Crunchié are Muslim-friendly. Their fatmacs feature freshly imported fruits and come in 24 different flavours to choose from. What really impressed me was their macaron cake — a 7-inch sized cake made up of macarons and packed with yummy goodies. It can be customized to any theme of your desire, although I don’t know how anyone could possibly take a bite from such a pretty cake.

7) Maron Kuala Lumpur

The perfect dessert is like music that makes tastebuds dance and we couldn’t agree more! You just have to look at these delectable fat macarons packaged in a beautiful gift box to feel like dancing. This is one very scrumptious and pretty gift package that you can get to reward yourself or to send to your loved ones to show your love and appreciation as the year comes to an end.

8) Bunny Bunnie Kitchen

Just like its name, the fatcarons at Bunny Bunnie Kitchen are adorable and endearing especially because they come in many famous characters such as Totoro, Winnie the Pooh and We Bare Bears. A home bakery that is run by two ‘bunnies’, they sell their fatcarons in a paper bento box that is environmentally friendly. A scroll through their Instagram page will have you squealing in delight over how cute they look!

9) Dimanche Patisserie

A pastry studio that serves quality bakes at reasonable prices, Dimanche Patisserie has opened their pre-orders for their Xmas Fatcarons Set. Act fast because they only have 200 slots available. The set comes in 6 flavours such as peppermint chocolate chips and marshmallow chocolate that are very well-suited to the Christmas season. You can also get the Xmas Bundle Set which comes with a Xmas Cookie Box — great for sharing with your friends or family!


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