9 Gift Sets Perfect for Someone in Need of Self-Care

Image credit: Cha Bao & Potions

Self-care is the conscious act of taking care of your own physical, mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, a lot of us consider self-care a luxury more than a necessity. However, life has many stressors that are unavoidable and the best way to navigate them is to build our resilience. And building our resilience means taking the steps to care for our body and mind. So, to get us back on the path to self-care, here are some gift sets specially curated to care for our mind, body and spirit. You can get these for yourself or gift them to family and friends who are in need of some self-care in their lives.

1) Rosemary & Thyme Aromatherapy Crystal Candle gift set @ Cobo Creation

For centuries, essential oils have been used to soothe and heal our body and mind. Depending on which oil you use, aromatherapy can either energize you or help you calm down – which makes this Rosemary & Thyme aromatherapy gift set great when you want to practice some self-care. Rosemary is known to promote a sense of clarity while thyme is known to boost the immune system. I got my hand on their Rosemary & Thyme hand butter and I must say it was a soothing smell that helped relieve my stress and moisturize my hands at the same time!

2) The Art of Healing Box @ Sarang.Co

Just as the name suggests, the Art of Healing box contains a variety of items that promote care and love for yourself. A suitable and warm gift for any gender – this box will help you focus on nature through the cute succulent that is included. There is also a vintage notebook that you can use to journal. After all, journaling is an excellent self-care method that helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings and helps you to manage your stress better.

3) Self-Care Kit @Feith Studio

Curated with the intention of support, healing and self-care – this Self-Care Kit contains a healing oil of your choice, Palo Santo stick (the smoke from burning the stick will clear negative energy and restore tranquility), a curated crystal kit with macrame pouch, rose quartz gua sha and a macrame coaster. The Self-Care Kit also comes with an add-on option of a virtual tarot card reading with customized jewelry. If this is your cup of tea, then this Self-Care Kit is perfect for you.

4) Box of Love @ Cha Bao

One of the best aspects of using tea for self-care is that it is beneficial to both the body and the mind. The Box of Love by Cha Bao contains 10 of their signature flower tea bags along with a cute glass bottle that you can brew your tea in. Flower tea is a little different from the teas you usually see – flower tea is a combination of tea flavor and floral fragrance. They’ve been known to have health benefits too!

5) Emergency Kit @ Whims By Red Nose

Nothing perks a person up more than a hit of sugar – so when you are pulling out your hair from all the stress in your life, just break this Emergency Kit! It is going to be your lifesaver with all the premium chocolate and candies inside. It also makes a wonderful gift to your friends and colleagues who are in the same boat as you. You can personalize the name on the glass of the gift box too.


6) Sunny Kit @ The Sunny Kit

Aptly named as sunshine in a box, The Sunny Kit is what you need when the days are dark, and it seems like no light can break through. Sometimes you just need a little bit of color and a new pair of earrings in your life to keep you going. The Sunny Kit comes in a range of prices and the product within the box also changes accordingly. It is usually a combination of snacks, earrings, candle, hair accessory and beauty product. Just looking at the pictures make me happy, so I’m sure receiving them is going to feel pretty good.

7) Travel Series @ Yuè Candle

Travel restrictions might have lowered significantly but of course, we should be cautious about going out and about. If you are still running a cabin fever, this Travel Series ‘Asia Edition’ by Yuè Candle might help you feel better until you get the chance to visit them in person. Each scent of the series was created to reflect the memories of that specific country. For example, Japan is made off green tea and sakura scents and Thailand smells like lemongrass and lime.

8) Home Spa Gift Box @ Flamingo Tea Houz

You don’t have to go to spa to relax when you have this home spa gift box that has all the things you need to unwind at home. There is just something special about allowing yourself to take time off from your busy schedule and focus on yourself instead. Most importantly, remember to unplug and disconnect – put away your phone, don’t look at your emails – the only thing that needs attention is you.

9) Pedicure Foot Care Ritual Kit @ Potions

Inspired by Ayurvedic beautifying traditions, Potions is all about nourishing your body and spirit through recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The Foot Care Ritual Kit includes everything you need to nurture and rejuvenate the skin on your feet and get your stride back. After all, the feet are the hardest working part of our body, and we should pamper and take care of them better.

These gift sets aren’t the only way to care for ourselves. Taking time off to explore our creative side will also help. Check out these 10 crafty workshops in KL and Selangor for you to enrich your artsy side!