8 Ways to Win A Man’s Heart

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Some women think it is hard to win a man’s heart but we say it is just a piece of cake. If things are not going your way, here are some useful ways on how you can easily win a man’s heart.

1) Through his stomach

Some say to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. So brush up your cooking skills ladies! Always cook him good food, sooner or later he will be all yours.

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2) Be fashionable at the same time low maintenance

Most men love fashionable and glamorous ladies. However, being fashionable doesn’t mean it must be expensive. You will definitely be more approachable if you are glamorously affordable.

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3) Surprise him from time to time

To keep a man on his toes, surprise him. Not referring to appearing-when-he-is-hanging-out-with-his-friends-that-kind-of-surprise, but try to do cute, sweet or sexy things. Surprising him with little sticky note, small gifts or kinky lingerie would be helpful in winning a man’s heart.

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4) Be affectionate

Most men can’t stand it when women show fondness or tenderness. They will melt like ice cream. Therefore, be outgoing, friendly and affectionate. Your success rate in winning a man’s heart will surely rise like a phoenix.

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5) Be Smart Enough To Act Stupid

Men may like the idea of a smart woman, but they might not date one. The reason is simple – they want to be the smarter one. So to win a man’s heart, a smart woman should know when and how to make him feel smart and he will give you the world.

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6) Take care of his ego

In layman’s term, we say “give-him-face”. Don’t pour cold water on him in front of his friends. In contrary, protect or even help boost his ego. He will appreciate you more and feel good with you around.

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7) Play hard to get (sometimes)

Attracting men through their desire will always work. Sometimes, you have to treat them mean and keep them keen so to increase the attraction and urge they have for you.

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8) Make Room For His Friends

It is important to give man time for his friends. Don’t make a man choose between you or his friends. That will make you a very inconsiderate woman. Remember, an understanding woman will always win a man’s heart.

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Do you have any other effective ways to win a man’s heart? Share with us.