8 Ways to Define Success

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Google the word “Success” and it will generate one billion results. The word “success” is used by famous athletes, corporate figures, politicians, teachers, parents and friends, but with varying definitions. Some say success should be about becoming rich, while others say success is about becoming a famous personality. So how do we actually define “success”?

1) Success is Achieving RM1million

This is quite obvious. Our local culture which focuses on achieving good grades at school, graduating with a good degree, getting a good job often link success with monetary wealth. Hence, it’s no surprise to say that success can be defined as achieving your first RM1million!

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2) Success is Having a Wonderful Family

Our culture tends to be family-oriented and close-knit. We tend to chase wealth. However, we will still have a feeling of “emptiness” if we don’t have a family where we can share our joys, sorrows and all that life has to offer. Hence, for some, success is defined as having a wonderful family to share life’s pleasures and pains.

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3) Success is being Debt-Free

Malaysians are renowned to take on more debt than that can be managed. One loan leads to another, one credit card leads to hundreds of online transactions and without knowing it, we are in debt. Hence, success can also be defined as living a life of debt-free and without any worries of meeting our month-end loan repayment.

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4) Success is the Feeling of Accomplishment

Everyone wants to experience the euphoria of achieving something big in life! Whether it’s a promotion at work, doing a good job, having your 1st child or simply, helping your child solve his maths homework, there is nothing comparable to the feeling of accomplishment. Hence, success is the feeling of accomplishment!

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5) Success is Having a Group of Trustworthy Friends

We may have one thousand Facebook friends and thousands of followers on Twitter. However, how many of those can we easily pick up our mobile phones, call them at the middle of the night and rant away about a tough day that you just experienced? My guess would be not many.  Hence, having a group of trustworthy friends whom you can rely on is success!

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6) Success is About Making a Difference

The money we earn is a result of our efforts at work. However, unless you are in the social sector or working in noble-driven careers such as teachers or medical practitioners, we don’t feel like we are making a difference in society or in the world. To be able to make a difference in this world, no matter how small it may be is success!

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7) Success is About Overcoming Adversity

Adversity builds character. Character builds the person that you are today! When faced with a mountain of a challenge, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Learn to take it one step at a time and the adversity will be overcome. Hence, success is about overcoming adversity and doing the impossible!

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8) Success is Living Life on Your Terms

As a child, we are instructed by our parents. As a student, we are instructed by our lecturers. As a working professional, we are instructed by our bosses. We are so used to being instructed that we wish that we could live life on our own terms. That is success; living life on your own terms and dictating the path that lies ahead of us!

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People go through their entire life chasing the holy grail of success. Take a step back, look closely and success may already be nearer than you think!