8 Unique Flowers Your Girlfriend Will Love

8 Unique Flowers Girlfriend will Love
Image Credit: The Smell of Roses

After women, flowers are the most beautiful creation. Surprising your beautiful significant other is equally important as holding hands and saying I love you, and the best kind of surprise comes in the form of a divine creation such as a flower bouquet. It’s those little tokens of appreciation that need no words to tell the most important story of your life – your love story. You’re probably no stranger to a flower delivery Singapore florists offer, but the key is knowing what unique flowers to purchase for your significant other.

Don’t send the usual rose bouquet, no matter how tempted you might be, because it’s what you see in the movies. Go the extra mile, give your creative juices a shake and do something completely different. In the process, rely on the help of the best florist in Singapore. Below you’ll find ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend with blooms that are going to be remembered long after they have wilted and left her sight.

1) Pink Tulips

Want to avoid giving your girlfriend funeral flowers by mistake? Go for colorful tulips! They’re impressive yet delicate at the same time. Pink tulips exude a special feminine and gentle vibe and make for an ideal romantic gesture that is going to sweep her off her feet.

Pink Tulips

2) Calla Lilies

Nothing creates a magical moment like a sweet bouquet of pastel roses, stunning calla lilies, and beautiful proteas. It’s a lush combination of gentle but elegant flowers, perfect for a lady with a strong and unique style. You can often see these gorgeous blooms in flower stands, as they add this indescribable elegance to just about any setting.

Calla Lilies

3) Gerbera Daisies

The best flower delivery in Hong Kong told us that there’s nothing quite as charming as gerbera daisies. They are commonly used to accompany a baby shower gift, but they’re equally impressive as a love statement. Nothing screams love and admiration more than a bouquet of colourful gerbera daisies, and it doesn’t have to be as significant and traditional as a rose bouquet. It’s full of life, adding a surge of passion and energy to whoever the recipient is.

Gerbera Daisies

4) Sunflowers

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. And there’s nothing quite as impressive as a blooming sunflower bouquet. Sunflowers are often used in combination with hampers, especially in a get well soon hamper. Why give it to your girlfriend? It’s warm, bright and just right for the lady who’s non-conventional and has a bright and charming personality.


5) Sweet Peas

They are definitely not a traditional choice, but they’re terribly underrated. If you want to get into the deepest corners of her heart and stay there, sweet peas are the most gentle and beautiful way to get inside. Not every flower delivery Singapore has offers these interesting blooms, but the best ones definitely do.

Sweet Peas

6) Peonies

We’ve learned from the best Florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that the most common flowers in wedding bouquets and floral wreaths for bride are peonies. They have a rich yet elegant vibe which can easily make an impression with their gentle colour and charming petals. Go for the best flower delivery in Singapore that’s going to keep these gentle blooms vibrant and perky.


7) Snow Roses

For a lady of supreme elegance and the most gentle heart, a combination of snow roses, snapdragons, and even a succulent here and there is going to be a confirmation of your admiration and love for her and her very beautiful existence. No matter where you are in the world, these babies are going to make a statement. Go for a trusty Dubai flower delivery, or if you’re in Hong Kong, ask for snow roses form the best florist in Hong Kong.

Snow Roses

8) Lavender

No, it’s not just an essential oil, it’s also a real-life flower that doesn’t get the attention it should. Talented florists from a Hong Kong flower delivery claim that most women love the scent of lavender, as it has a coming and soothing property. So, imagine what a cute bouquet of lavender could make her feel. Add an extra WOW factor by combining it with a fruit basket.


The days of red roses holding the throne of the romantic kingdom are long gone, and even the best florist in Singapore. While red roses are still a great choice, nothing translates love like a bouquet that’s authentic, symbolizes your own feelings, and captures her personality.