8 Things That Cause Grey Hair

Grey hair is typically associated with age, particularly when we grow older. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting grey hairs even at a younger age such as during our 20s or 30s. Below are 8 Things That Cause Grey Hair you should know about.

1) Too Much Stress

Stress naturally happens to all of us. But if you are overly stressed, this is where the problem lies. Not only does it affect your physical and mental health but it may also cause grey hair at a young age. This can be commonly seen if you’re constantly rushing for impossibly tight deadlines or stressing out over your personal financial matters. Which is why it’s best to find proper ways to de-stress yourself such as signing up for a yoga class or take a long vacation.

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2) Smoking

Apparently, smoking affects more than just your lungs and teeth in the long run. It can lead to greying as well, particularly if you are a frequent smoker. According to a 2013 study by the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, smokers are two and half times more prone to develop premature hair greying before the age of 30 than those who do not smoke. Your best bet to avoid or at least delay grey hair? Two words: Quit smoking. Even if you have a tough time calling it quits, you can always start slow and make gradual progress till you get there eventually.

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3) Certain Medical Conditions

Believe it or not, certain medical issues can cause grey hair even if you are in your 20s or 30s. This could happen due to the likes of thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disease or any health problems related to pituitary glands (a type of gland located at the base of the brain responsible for producing essential hormones for your vital body function).

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4) Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Our bodies need essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure proper organ functions as well as our overall wellbeing. The same also goes with the importance of having sufficient vitamin B12, which is crucial for our brain functions, nerve tissue health and the formation of red blood cells. But if you happen to be vitamin B12 deficient, you are basically at risk of grey hairs. So, to increase your vitamin B12 intake, you can source it naturally from supplements as well as dairy products and food such as beef, lamb and tuna.

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5) Genetics

Yes, you read that right. Grey hairs are linked to genetics and this typically happens if your parents and grandparents have premature greying. For instance, if your father already has grey hair in his 20s, chances are you will see the same result in your own hair around that age as well.

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6) Regular Uses Of Harsh Chemicals

By harsh chemicals, we mean typical toiletries such as commercially-produced shampoos, conditioners and soaps applied on our hair on a regular basis. They contain harmful ingredients that decrease the production of melanin (natural hair dye) and therefore causes premature greying. The same also goes to excessive use of hair dyes, which normally has a harsh chemical called hydrogen peroxide.

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7) Chemotherapy

If you have undergone chemotherapy due to certain illnesses such as cancer and bone marrow diseases, it can trigger hair loss. While it’s true that hair will eventually grow back once you finish your chemo treatment, chances are you will see your hair in shades of grey.

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8) Excessive Sun Exposure

Sure, soaking up some sun can revitalise your mental health into a positive mode and gives you a natural boost of vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure can actually cause you more harm than good. This is particularly evident when it comes to the hair. Here’s why: the UVA and UVB rays from the sunlight affect your hair follicles, which in turn, causes damage to your scalp and subsequently lead to premature greying.

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