8 Tech-Related Things Malaysians Cannot Live Without Today

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Unlike decades ago, the bare necessities in life for Malaysians have changed. Besides money, basic needs (and oxygen), technology has become one of the things Malaysians rely heavily on. Here’s a list of 8 things Malaysians cannot live without in their modern life today.

1) Internet

Internet connection tops the list of things Malaysians cannot live without today. It is not difficult to understand why as without Internet connection, gone are the things such as #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8 listed in the below.

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2) Smart Phone

If Internet is the root of evil, Smart Phone is the advocate. Today, if a person doesn’t have a smart phone they feel like they are lacking. No doubt since smart phone can perform wonders. We can even buy groceries from toilet using our smart phones these days.

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3) Phone Battery

Some people are petrified of going anywhere without a fully charged phone. It’s terrifying to imagine that we cannot call, message, surf and selfie anymore if phone battery runs out on us. Thank god power bank was invented.

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4) Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps like Whatsapp has become part of our daily life. Though it’s sad that they are killing off ‘real’ human interaction, they let people connect to each other swiftly. We can’t imagine a life without Whatsapp.

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5) Google

What is USD to MYR rate today? Let’s Google! Where to eat today? Let’s Google! Google lets us know it all and in fact do a lot more too (if you read here). The extent we are relying on Google is just overwhelming. What if there was no google?

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6) Email

The world would be very messy place without email. What did we ever do in the days before email? How did our grandparents live without email? No Way!

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7) Social Media

How many hours do you spend on social surfing every day? Perhaps more than drinking water for some of us. It is not surprising given the contents, the attention and ‘Likes’ that we are getting from social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

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8) GPS

With the unpredictable road conditions (jam) and ever changing roads, GPS has become something we rely heavily on. Just type in the name of place you want to go and your GPS will guide you there.  Just imagine if there was no GPS..

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What else Malaysians cannot live without (besides food)? Share with us!