8 Scrumptious European Pastries By Home Bakers In Klang Valley

Image credit: Kukki & Cheat Day Cookiez

Pastries are amazing creations and they come in so many forms and flavours. While we are familiar with European pastries such as croissants, tiramisu and churros, there are others that may not be as well-known or easy to find in our local bakeries. However, there are some very talented home bakers in Klang Valley that makes all types of European pastries – even halal ones! For some of us, it might be the first time we have come across them.

Having said that, let’s explore what other European pastries there are out there and where to find them. Check out these 8 home bakers in Klang Valley selling delicious European pastries.

1. Welsh cake @ 11 Llandough

Welsh cakes (also known as bakestones or pics) are a traditional sweet bread in Wales. They have a soft and tender texture that would melt in your mouth. The cakes are also known as griddle cakes because they are usually cooked on a cast-iron griddle. Welsh cakes contain fried fruits such as currants and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. They are eaten on their own and can be served hot or cold.

Established since 2012, 11 Llandough was inspired by the Welsh cake that founders Frederick and Jun Hong first tasted when they were studying in Wales. When they returned to Malaysia after completing their studies, they realised that they missed the Welsh cakes they could find so easily when they were there. Taking matters into their own hands, they received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement on their homemade Welsh cakes. Baked fresh for every order, they currently have 5 different variations on their menu – plain, earl grey, raisins, cranberries, and chocolate chip. Feeling curious about the taste? Just drop them a message on Instagram to order!

Image credit: @elevenllandough

2. Stroopwafel @ Kukki

Just as the name suggests, a stroopwafel is a thin, round waffle cookie that is made from two layers of baked dough held together with a caramel filling. They were first created in the city of Gouda in Netherlands. Stroopwafels are a well-known Dutch confection popular across the Netherlands. The traditional (and definitely perfect) way to eat the stroopwafel is by placing it on top of a cup of hot coffee, tea or chocolate. The heat from the drink will soften the caramel filling making the waffle soft on one side and crispy on the other.

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Thanks to Amirah and her mother, you can now find Malaysian homemade stroopwafels at Kukki Bakes. Most importantly, they are made with halal ingredients for everyone to enjoy. The mother-daughter duo is constantly experimenting with new flavours, and they recently released a new flavour – Chocolate Caramel Aloma Stroopwafels. Other than that, you can also try the original Caramel Cinnamon Aloma Stroopwafels. You can get them on Shopee for RM29.90 for a jar of 14 pieces!

Image credit: @kukkibakes

3. Scones @ Sconnie Scones

Well, we are quite familiar with scones and I personally love a good scone – buttery with a flaky and light texture that crumbles in your mouth. Yum! Pair it with the classic jam and cream and it makes the perfect English afternoon tea snack. Scones are usually lightly sweetened but it can also be savoury by having raisins, currants, cheese, or dates added in.

Sconnie Scones caught my eye because of the variety of flavours they offer in their scones. Other than traditional scones, they also have cranberries, strawberry yogurt, chocolate, blackcurrant, orange, raisins and matcha! All the flavours sound delicious, so you might want to mix and match to get a taste of everything. 100% homemade with premium quality ingredients, you can send a direct message on Instagram to order, or you can find them on Shopee. They also offer sets for special occasions, so do look out for that!

Image credit: @sconniescones

4. Baklava @ Lavand

Have you heard of baklava (pronounced baa-klah-vah)? It is a layered pastry dessert that is made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. The dessert is often associated with Greek food, but it is thought that the modern baklava was invented in Turkey during the Ottoman empire. Personally, I’ve never tried baklava before but as someone who has a sweet tooth and love nuts, I think this is the ideal dessert for anyone like me.

And great news, here’s where you can find baklava – at Lavand! They are also halal, so our Muslim friends can give baklava a try too. They’ve been serving gourmet baklavas since 2005 and their menu consists of various assortments and types of baklavas. They also provide customised gifts for special events and corporate customers. Pick up a box of delicious goodness at Bangsar Village concourse or place your order through their online store to share with your family and friends.

Image credit: https://lavand.com.my/

Btw, any fans of bananas here? You might want to check out these 8 places for banana inspired food and desserts such as banana pudding and banana cake!

5. Dacquoise @ See_Moonlight

Originating in the south of France and named after the residents of Dax, dacquoise (pronounced da-kwaz) is a dessert cake made with layers of almond or hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream in the middle. In a way, you can imagine them as macarons, just in a bigger size. It was invented as a luxurious dessert for the people of the French court, and it became very popular in England when French chefs moved there to cook for the upper class.

Upper class or not, you’ll be glad to know that we can get our hands on yummy dacquoise from See_Moonlight! Their products are also Muslim-friendly and with a focus on using less sugar in their products, you can enjoy a guilt-free dessert when you order from them. Choose from 5 different flavours such as original, original with strawberry, matcha genmaicha, milo and chocolate Oreo to fill up a box of 10 dacquoise for RM28. Or if you are looking to celebrate, consider their Rainbow Dacquoise which is made of 16 pieces with 4 different flavours.

Image credit: @seeeee_moonlight

6. Canelé @ Lille

Another classic French pastry, this time originating from Bordeaux – the canelé is a small pastry containing a mix of vanilla, rum, egg, butter, sugar, and flour. It has a soft and tender custard centre and dark, thick caramelised crust on the outside. We are no strangers to them as there are bakeries who offer these delicious morsels.

But if you are looking for specially handcrafted artisan canelé, look no further than Lille. Baked fresh upon order, you can also request for them to be baked without any alcohol to be Muslim-friendly. Their canelés are sold in a box of nine with 6 flavours inside – The OG, Chocolat Framboise, Lilac Fairy, Classic Hojicha, La Litchi Rose and Lady Grey Latte. With such fancy names, I doubt the taste will disappoint!

Image credit: @lillekl.my

7. Madeleine @ Cheat Day Cookiez

Madeleines are little sponge cakes having a characteristic shell-like form from being baked in pans with depressions in the shape of shells. They look adorable and make for the perfect teatime cakes because of their size. A traditional cake from the Lorraine region of France, they can be eaten just as they are although a dunk in chocolate is nice too.

Nothing makes a cheat day better than getting a taste of the buttery goodness that are the madeleines from Cheat Day Cookiez. Baked using premium ingredients and Muslim-friendly as well, their madeleines come in a box of 12 with flavours such as dirty chocolate, brown butter, almond latte and pandan coconut. All you have to do to get your hands on them is to drop them a message through Instagram or Whatsapp!

Image credit: @cheatdaycookiez

8. Bombolini @ The Dough Nads

A bombolene which is the singular noun, is a doughnut that is round and filled with a custard, jam, or cream. While doughnuts may be denser and cake-like, the bombolini has a lighter and fluffier texture. Believed to be connected to the Tuscany region of Italy, bombolini may have originated in Austria. In some parts of Italy, they are called bomba or bombe meaning “bomb”, because they resemble a small grenade.

Well, we are no strangers to bombolini and I have seen them offered in a few dessert menus around Klang Valley. Anyone who loves doughnuts would enjoy bombolini – not to mention, the different delicious fillings that will ooze out once you take a bite. At Doughnads, you can get a box of 6 and choose from the assortment of flavours they offer – vanilla bean, chocolate caramel, verry berry strawberry, Biscoff bombe, coffee cream and tiramisu. If you are looking to share, you can also opt for a box of 15 that contains not-so-mini bombos. Good things are meant to be shared, so make sure you put in your order in advance!

Image credit: @thedoughnads

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