8 Reasons Why Ramadan Can Be Enjoyable For Any Malaysians

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Ramadan, in Islam, is a holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer. Each day during Ramadan our Muslim friends do not eat and drink from sunrise to sunset. While this alone is not easy, we explain why Ramadan can be enjoyable.

1) Ramadan Bazaar

Ramadan Bazaar is the first thing that pops into the minds of all Malaysians whether or not you are a Muslim. Not surprising at all since it’s when variety of interesting food and drinks are sold almost every day in the evening! Surely one of the reasons why Ramadan can be enjoyable.

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2) Sales Of Dates

Ramadan is the happiest time especially for Dates Lovers. After all, it’s the only time of the year where you get to taste the different kinds of dates that are imported from the Arab countries.

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3) Great Deals At Shopping Mall

This is the time when shopping malls put out their best deals. So, anything that you need, chances are you will get it at a great price during Ramadan. For those, who are looking to get yourselves a new baju kurung or kebaya, Ramadan is the time to get it.

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4) Kuih Raya Sale

This is the time when Malaysians from all walks of life get to taste different kinds of cookies made by our Malay friends. In preparation for the Hari Raya, the widest range of cookies are usually sold during this time. Look out for cookies with dates in them if you haven’t tried it before.

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5) Festive Spirit in the Air

Wherever you go especially the shopping malls, they have already embraced the Hari Raya spirit to create beautiful decorations to get you in the mood. Coupled with great deals mentioned in point 3, it is hard to deny the fact that Ramadan can be enjoyable.

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6) Buffet Spread

Besides Ramadan Bazaar, the buffet spreads at restaurants are what make Ramadan enjoyable as well. The different kinds of dishes that are served at restaurants for the breaking of fast are something else altogether. If that’s not enough, restaurants don’t serve the same kind of buffets, which makes it even more intriguing.

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7) Holidays are coming!

Ramadan comes to an end for Malaysians with two generous public holidays that can stretch to a whole week if you take the Friday off. Aren’t you excited already?

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8) A cleansed spirit and soul

Most importantly, a Ramadan done right has the ability to modify behaviours and achieve spiritual benefits. It is a golden chance to contemplate and reflect. If a right mindset is planted, Ramadan can be enjoyable that fills one with joy.

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While we are half way through Ramadan, let’s complete the other half with joy and open heart! Happy Ramadan to Our Dear Muslim Friends!