8 Popular New Year Resolutions among Malaysians

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2015 is inching ever closer to its final day. With 2016 beckoning, many of us would be focusing on making a fresh start, setting New Year Resolutions, and looking back at how 2015 has treated us. Many people set New Year Resolutions, but few actually achieve them. In case you are on the lookout for a New Year Resolution to include in your list, here are 8 popular New Year Resolutions that Malaysians make on an annual basis.

1) Lose Weight

This is without doubt the most common New Year Resolution across the globe. However, there is a real reason as to why this makes the list every year. Obesity and other weight-related illnesses are rapidly rising due to the sedentary lifestyle and over-consumption of junk food by society. Thus, make it a point that 2016 will be the year that you achieve your healthy weight and get fit!

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2) Save More

Cost of living in Malaysia is rapidly rising. 2016 is predicted to be a tough year economically and this will impact all of us. To save more money, do look at your spending patterns and identify areas that you could possibly save. This can range from cutting down on your daily trips to Starbucks, to start cooking your own meals at home, or even to take public transport to work. Every cent counts!

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3) Procrastinate Less

“You must watch this YouTube video. It’s just 5 minutes long.”. “My friend just Facebook messaged me. I must log-on to Facebook and reply that message.” We have all faced this before. In today’s ever-connected times, we are surrounded by distractions. Hence, to procrastinate less at work, do set a fixed time that you will “check” on your social network. This will allow you to focus more on your work and excel in it!

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4) Be More Career-Focus

At the start of the year, most people will say they want to work harder or be more focused in their careers. Well, 2016 would follow in the same theme. With Gen-Ys increasingly trying to prove themselves in the workplace, and to the more “seasoned” employees trying to work harder for a stress-free retirement, expect to see more people prioritizing their careers in their 2016 New Year Resolution list.

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5) Change Your Job

Many people aspire to leave their jobs either for a bigger role, to start their own business, or simply to retire. If your current job is making you lethargic, not growing your skills set or you have simply out-grown your current job, it’s wise to include this goal in your New Year Resolution for 2016. However, do keep in mind that it may be a challenge looking for an ideal job in year 2016.

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6) Get Married

Be it peer pressure, family pressure or you actually found the love of your life, tying the knot is in most couples goals for the coming year. As for those who haven’t found your Mr or Mrs.Right, you could start searching for him or her in 2016.

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7) Quit Smoking

Next to weight loss, quit smoking is on every smokers New Year Resolution. While this may not apply to Vape as yet, do expect this goal to be in most smokers’ New Year Resolution.

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8) Be Debt-Free

To put it concisely, debt-free means not having any loan obligations that are due the moment your monthly salary is credited into your account. Worryingly, many Malaysians take on more debt than they can handle, and hence, find it difficult to repay those debts. 2016 can be a year to change that by setting a New Year Resolution to be debt-free!

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As 2016 dawns upon us, lets strive to make the New Year a memorable year! Here’s wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year and may you achieve all your 2016 New Year Resolutions!