8 Luckiest Little Girls in the World

The life they lead is the thing of dreams – trust funds, insane birthday parties, presents, new toys every other day and of course, designer clothing. Growing up with celebrity parents definitely has its benefits and these little girls have been living it up from Day 1. Imagine already having a net worth from the day you were born and getting everything you want from your parents! From hanging out with other celebrity children to going on luxurious holidays, these luckiest little girls are enjoying life to the fullest and there’s no other way their ultra-rich, doting parents would have it.

1) North West

This little girl has been accompanying her famous parents to fashion shows where they’re always seated in the front. Decked out in designer finery, the family of three is a happy and confident unit, and Kim in particular is slaying with those cheekbones. Nori, as she is affectionately known, had a “Kidchella” themed 1st birthday party complete with a ferris wheel in Kourtney’s backyard.

8-luckiest-little-girls-in-the -world-blue-ivy-carter

2) Blue Ivy Carter

When your parents are music royalty, you don’t have to worry about anything. Blue Ivy is a little princess in her own right with an amazing fashion sense. Her outfits are countless and rarely repeated. Blue Ivy already stays in a palace but guess what – she also has a pure bred Arabian horse worth $75k that her parents bought for her second birthday. This girl ain’t needing any Prince Charming on a horse.luckiest little girls

3) Harper Seven Beckham

Beckham and Posh’s only daughter, this little girl is thoroughly spoilt by her parents and her three elder brothers. Word is that Harper chooses her own outfits all the time and also changes her mind pretty often. Looks like the little tot is really taking after her fashionista mom!


4) Suri Cruise

Pictured here alongside her mother Katie Holmes whom Suri Cruise is the spitting image of. Suri is said to have refused to wear anything but dresses and skirts since she was 2 so we know she’s really a girly princess.



5) Aila Wang

The niece of Alexander Wang, Aila isn’t a typical celebrity daughter but having one of the best designers for your uncle seems like a much better deal. The best designer tailor-made clothes, designer everything else, front row seats at fashion week but minus the intense public scrutiny and paparazzi. She’s pictured here with a super cute teeny-tiny Chanel bag (we’re not sure what’s inside but it’s probably sweeties) and Nike roshes. Very streetstyle, child version.


6) India Rose Hemsworth

No that is not a potato sack, but is in fact Chris Hemsworth’s daughter, India Hemsworth. When your father is not only a physical beast of a man, but also on-screen protector of the universe, you know that he’ll certainly be your best protector for years to come. India is always pictured in Hemworth’s loving embrace, even when she’s not being an indeterminate ball of blankets.


7) Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

One of our favourite girls has to be Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the first biological child to the recently-wed power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. At the tender age of 9, we love Shiloh’s maturity and courage towards with her gender and sexuality. And we certainly applaud the Jolie-Pitt’s for allowing their daughter to break away from social norms to be who she wants to be. Definitely mature beyond her years and a role model to girls across the globe.

8) Ava Jackman

Another daughter to on-screen anti-hero is Ava Jackman, child of Hugh Jackman, aka “Wolverine” of the X-Men franchise. This picture perfectly encapsulates the relationship between this father-daughter pairing – fun, loving and a little bit weird!!!



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